SOUND FORGE Pro 16 - Patch 2.1 Version 16.0 Build 82

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 6/13/2022, 8:17 AM

Dear community,

We have been working hard on SOUND FORGE Pro 16 and are proud to announce that we released a new patch. Here is what has been updated:


The first major update for SOUND FORGE Pro 16 does feature two new languages, significant improvements in the way we handle Plug-ins, a updated dynamicEQ, the all new Melodyne 5.2, numerous bugfixes and performance improvements. 


  • Spanish localization has been added to SOUND FORGE Pro
  • French localization has been added to SOUND FORGE Pro
  • Modern EQ and Dynamic EQ updated to version 1.0.33
    • Added oversampling 
    • Added the ability to save user presets
  • Tutorials / Show me How
    • New context menu tutorial
    • Merged tutorial for burning CDs


  • VST backend update
    • VST SDK updated to version 3.7.2
    • ARA SDK updated to version 2.1
    • Melodyne updated to version 5.2
    • Improved plugin scanning technology
    • Improved multichannel handling for plugins with multiple side-chain channels
    • VST handling performance improvements
    • All backend technologies and third party libraries updated to the current state
  • Legacy cleanup
    • FX Organize window removed (organizing Plugins is now exclusive to Plugin-Manager View)
    • Recreation of Plugin Menu now happens automatically ("Recreate Favorites using Plugin names“ menu option removed)
    • ReWire support removed
    • Broken Shuttle controller support removed
    • Machine ID label in the About dialog has been removed
    • Some obsolete files has been removed from start directory
  • Updated registration and login screen
  • Increased initial size of the Plug-In-Manager window


  • Minor program versions are now correcrly displayed
  • A crash when loading Fabfilter Pro Q3 has been fixed

We look forward to what you create with these improvements! 😄

Best wishes,