Sound Forge Pro Mac and Magic Support

mikko wrote on 12/6/2016, 5:17 AM

Sorry about the spelling error on the topic. About Sony products. . . You can't even activate Sound Forge Pro 2.5 Mac anymore and Magix Support ain't interested to help. So i think that there is no support for Sound Forge Pro Mac at all. I love working with Sound Forge but now i have to get Wavelab cause all i have now is a useless Sound Forge that i can't even activate. R.I.P Sound Forge Pro Mac and for Magix Support 0 points.


gusaudio wrote on 6/26/2017, 2:53 PM

Hey mikko, was wondering if you've had any luck activating SFMAC? Best.

TLMuse wrote on 6/26/2017, 7:01 PM

@mikko FWIW, I've had no problem getting SFP Mac 2.5 running on my 2009 Mac Pro, through several OS upgrades, and now running Sierra. I haven't tried installing it from scratch, but most of those OS upgrades were clean installs with migration from a backup on an external drive.