SOUND FORGE Pro Patch for Version 16.0 Build 79

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 3/17/2022, 9:52 AM

Dear SOUND FORGE Pro users,

We work hard on our software and are happy to tell you that we already released a new patch for SOUND FORGE Pro. Patch version 16.0 build 79 includes the following changes:


  • Plug-In Manager View, Explorer View and Organize FX Dialog contain filter functionality now
  • Statistics contain mutlichannel layout information and use it to compute loudness for multichannel audio files correctly
  • Loudness Meter V2 uses layout information to compute loudness for multichannel audio files correctly


  • Some localizations were added and improved
  • The modernEQ plug-in will be installed in Pro Suite now too
  • Add template description to "Convert" context menu dialogue
  • Improved loading of mutlichannel layout metadata from audio files
  • Improved Loudness Meter V2 performance for multichannel audio

Bug fixes:

  • Loudness Meter V2
    • Preset installation fixed
    • Multi strip visualization shows only one meter for all channels now
    • Menu entry removed from hardware meters context menu
    • Fixed gate detection
    • Channel names are updated immediately after changing the layout behavior
    • Peak meter is shown with hold line and sliding behaviour now
    • Fixed unexpected resetting of history buffer write position
    • Fixed history time display
  • Removed "Custom..." button from "Convert" context menu dialogue
  • VSTs and other processing do not reset multichannel audio layout to discrete
  • Updated various graphics
  • Improved UI for Resample effect window
  • Prevented inconsistencies with multichannel audio within Export Dialog

We wish you a lot of fun with all these improvements and look forward to your feedback on this patch!

Also feel free to link, send or tag us on your creations.

Best wishes,


Paul-Pedrick wrote on 5/5/2022, 3:08 PM

Sound Forge 16 Version 79: I am having an issue with the loudness meters. They are pegged to the top. I saw the note about a patch but I cannot find the patch online and it does not come up when Check for Updates is clicked on. Is there a solution? I tried a total uninstall using Special Uninstaller.

toryn.-t wrote on 6/24/2022, 1:10 AM

Additions and improvements were made to localizations
for modern EQ, which is now available in the Pro Suite as well.
Display template description in context menu when you select "Convert".
Added multichannel layout metadata to audio files.
Multichannel Loudness Meter V2 now supports more channels.