Sound Forge Pro/Suite 16 - Patch Release notes Ver. 16.1.2

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 9/20/2022, 9:22 AM

Dear community,

as you all know, we are constantly developing our Sound Forge family and are pleased to announce the release of our latest patch for Sound Forge Pro/Suite 16.

Version 16.1.2 is a hot-fix update that tackles issues with Plug-Ins, fixes numerous bugs and adds some interactive tutorials and new multichannel layouts. 

New Feature!

Added new multichannel layouts:

  • 5.1.2
  • 5.1.4
  • 7.1.6
  • 9.1.6
  • Dolby 9.1
  • Auro 3D 8.0
  • Auro 3D 10.1
  • Auro 3D 11.1


  • Updated VST backend to current state-of-the-art standards
  • Changed meta data column header text display to left alignment
  • Output Bus configurations improved for VST processing
  • Sidechain Bus configurations improved for VST processing
  • Rework of the Overview Interactive Tutorial
  • Increased default size of the Interactive Tutorial window
  • Added "Contact Support" entry in "Help" menu


  • More translation fixes for ES and FR
  • Fixed Ozone crash on mono files
  • Fixed crashes for eFX VST2 effects
  • Fixes for some Interactive Tutorials
  • CD Info when saving .flac files is now saved correctly
  • Fix error on opening Bit-depth converter in Export Dialog
  • Adapt Export Dialog to work correctly with the new MP3 codec
  • Fixed preset loading for Export Dialog in ES, DE, FR
  • Fixed wrong track number -1 on .flac, .mp3 and possibly other formats
  • Metadata "Engineer" is now saved correctly