Sound Forge Pro Suite 17 - Any way to get Slate VSX working?

JVdreams wrote on 6/21/2024, 8:07 AM


I can only see VSX available as an option in the Sound forge options >audio menu, under Windows Classic Wave Driver.

That being said it doesn't seem to properly select it as such, not in the same way as ASIO and then choosing my soundcard.

Anyway, with the Windows Classic Wave Driver selected, I get no sound, but in the VSX systemwide plugin, the meters are showing activity so at least the sound is going in there. Is there any way to fine tune things so that I can hear the sound played through the VSX systemwide plugin?

With Audacity and Recycle I can get it to work, but that uses MME. I managed to get it to work with Spectralayers too so Sound Forge is the last program that refuses to let VSX work.





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