SOUND FORGE – What features do you want us to develop?


condex wrote on 6/20/2017, 6:49 AM

I use SF11 a lot having migrated to it from SF10. My suggestions for SF12 PC are:

- solve the elevated privileges problem that besets SF11 (pleeeeease)

- allow shortcuts for Process and Effects (if they're there, I can't find them and they're not mentioned in the keyboards shortcut help document) so that I can select a section on the TL, hit CTRL+[whatever] and apply a fade, volume, pitch, reverb, etc to the TL selection.

- with particular regard to the Volume selection, I would love to see separate menu icons as well as separate keyboard shortcut selections for 'increase volume' and 'decrease volume'. With the keyboard volume shortcuts, I'd like to see the ability to set and change the +/- default increment. For example, I'd probably usually use +1dB and -0.5dB as defaults. In the menu bar, having +volume and a-minus volume icons (rather than just the one volume icon as is at present) would mean not having to delve so often into the volume presets. Currently, if I want to increase a selection on the TL, I click the volume icon, go to the preset and then the desired + preset (which I had already long ago saved as a preset); but the next selection on the TL might need to be decreased a bit. I then have to go back to the same volume icon and have to go through the presets again to select a - preset. If there were separate + and - volume menu cons, the fiddling with presets would be much, much reduced.

- this one may not technically be possible. Would it be possible to select different 'audio devices' for the input and the output. For example, it would be great to be able to select my M-Audio USB interface (linked to the microphone) for the input, but the output device to be routed to the sound card (a Creative Sound Blaster).

I really appreciate the easy interface from Vegas Pro to Sound Forge and then on to SpectraLayers if needed.

Many thanks in advance.


colinu wrote on 6/20/2017, 8:45 AM

Call me lazy, but I would like the ability to add icons for FX Favorite plugins to the Toolbar.

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 6/20/2017, 8:56 AM

@colinu Lazy! 😋

In all seriousness... It's really great to see the feedback. Thanks to all of you!

rraud wrote on 6/21/2017, 9:01 AM

Hi Mathias, I sent you a PM about beta testing, I wonder if you got it. I was a beta tester for SCS on SFP-11 and SL.

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 6/21/2017, 9:55 AM

Hi rraud,
Sorry about that. I didn't see your reply. I now forwarded your application and hopefully somebody will contact you soon.

rraud wrote on 6/21/2017, 6:04 PM

Thanks Mathias, personal messaging on this site is a little strange, so maybe I did not do it right and it did not sent, which was back in April. It shows up as a message in my profile ??? Oh well, thanks again.

yellowmix wrote on 6/21/2017, 8:02 PM
  • 64-bit plugin support without losing 32-bit plugin support. Auto-bridged plugin is acceptable.
  • VST3 support.
  • I am not blind but I support accessibility, and it allows the U.S. government to purchase it without a waiver from accessibility requirements.
  • REX2 read/write.
  • LUA scripting API would be nice.
  • AAC read/write.
LohPro wrote on 7/12/2017, 7:14 PM

I would like to see a couple things:

1) I have a 5 second audio file, set up with 5 marker regions. I set it to loop & select a region to loop. As the region is playing on loop, I want to adjust the beginning marker of this region & have the program respond to where the marker is being moved. Currently, when I have a region on loop & I move the beginning marker for it, the audio playing back on loop still reflects where the marker was before I adjusted the beginning.

2) Say I have an audio sample, set up with 8 marker regions. Would it be possible to map or link QWERTY keyboard or USB MIDI keyboard keys to trigger certain marker regions?


The letter Q play-triggers Marker #1

The letter W play-triggers Marker #2

The letter E play-triggers Marker #3

The letter R play-triggers Marker #4

and so on...


here is an image I made to show what I mean:

marc-langelier wrote on 12/17/2017, 3:48 PM

Hello. Along with a 64bit version of SF, I'd also like to see external control of SF expanded. I just put together a Soundforge preset for the iOS MIDI/OSC controller Parat+. I'd really like the ability to control parameters of Soundforge processors, effects & plug-ins via Parat+ faders as well. In the Regions List, it will be really helpful to have the trigger default to: Note On - Play / Off - Stop. Also as each region/marker is added, please have the Region's list assigned note trigger increment by 1 with each new addition to this list.


marc-langelier wrote on 12/17/2017, 3:53 PM

BTW, I totally agree with Condex: Please, please "solve the elevated privileges problem that besets SF11 (pleeeeease)"

marc-salvatore wrote on 12/19/2017, 2:15 PM

I've used Sound Forge for years for voice editing where I need to do lots of manual fixes to breath sounds etc. It would be really great to be able to customize the right click menu with the various commands that are available on the toolbars.

rraud wrote on 12/20/2017, 4:58 PM

Actually marc-salvatore, having a customized right-click context menu would be very handy.

rogersillito wrote on 1/4/2018, 4:27 AM

64-bit support, VST3 support and alac writing would be additions I would pay for!

Rednroll wrote on 1/17/2018, 12:20 AM

Hi Mathias, I sent you a PM about beta testing, I wonder if you got it. I was a beta tester for SCS on SFP-11 and SL.

Did someone say there was a new Sound Forge in the works? ;)

robertNC wrote on 1/17/2018, 1:09 AM

Probably thinking outside the box here but here are some of my suggestions:

expand recording capabilities (multitracking), and publishing capabilities. Maybe devise some clever audio file logging scheme exclusive to SF in order to quickly parse recordings either done natively, or loaded from a recording device or albums.

Make the app lean and mean for resources and speed, optimize the code for mac, as itev seems to have some issues.

make it 'work' even more than it already does with all your other software - send audio tracks/objects to it from Vegas/VPX/Samp/Seq/Acid/Spectralayers, and vice-versa.

Maybe interface it with independence pro sampler/Kontakt?/Acid/MusicMaker so as to make sampling/loop packs easy to make (loop points, round-robins, transposing, normalizing, file-structure, etc etc)

Rednroll wrote on 1/17/2018, 11:19 AM

User requested Feature requests. I love it!!!

Overall, I think Sound Forge needs to come up to speed with the rest of the apps/programs out there and become "Connected". As in connected to the cloud. This would give SF a closer integration with the OS eco system that the other audio apps have not jumped onboard with yet.

We should have a "share" button, so that SF is not on an island but instead I can save and open audio on cloud based storage systems like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud, Sharepoint, Email, This of course means that SF should have the ability to add your account credentials to access those cloud storage systems, and be able to Browse audio files directly from within SF which are stored in the cloud.

And let's not stop there, there's more to this. We should be able to have SF with us wherever we go and not tied to our Audio DAWs. There should be a Sound Forge "Express" app available for iOS, Android, and Windows Metro devices. Think along the lines of Adobe's Photoshop "Express" app. A reduced feature set of SF available in the app store market places that provides the basics when you're on the go. Nobody travels without a smart device these days, so SF is always with us and is a familiar app we're comfortable working with wherever we go.

Try to imagine some of the scenarios that can happen and would expand SF into markets where it doesn't currently exist.

Let's say for example I'm a news media reporter, or an in the field audio technician, etc and I'm out in the field and I need to record something. I fire up my SF Express app on my smartphone, I press record and start recording. I get done recording, I do some basic trim clean-up editing on that audio within SF Express, maybe some noise reduction, normalization, and other volume adjustments with it. I save that audio to whatever format I need, I then select "share" on the SF Express app and I upload it to the cloud storage service, email it, or heck even send a text message with that audio file. The persons colleagues, or that individual fires up SF Pro back at the ranch on our desktops, access that audio that's now already in the cloud, where we're all sharing that same cloud service access and collaborating on a project in almost real-time using multiple devices which make more sense to the locations/situation we're currently at. Maybe they add some music to that audio back at the ranch. They save it to the cloud and now the person in the field opens it back up in the SF Express app on their smartphone or tablet. It doesn't even have to be a collaboration scenario. I could record some audio on my smartphone out in the field and when I get back to my DAW with SF Pro, Vegas, or Acid on it, that audio is waiting for me, where I'm not there and trying to figure out how I'm going to transfer that audio from my phone/tablet to my's already there when I arrive.

We live in a connected world. I would have to think, it's time for Sound Forge to start becoming connected.

Thanks for asking,


Rednroll wrote on 1/18/2018, 10:56 PM

I'm sure I'm late to the party and SF 12 is well on it's way already but here's some more.....

The File Browser could use some updating to support viewing audio file metadata fields, as well as include a search filter.

If you're not familiar, try out MediaMonkey for a great onboard file browser.

MediaMonkey has a great "ALL" selection, where it then displays all the supported media files in the current browse window folder AND all the sub folder contents that are under that root folder.

For example: Note the "ALL" selection on the left.

Then notice the "Search" field filter to the upper right. I type in a word in this example "jump", and it displays all the files that match that search filter view criteria which are under the folder I have selected. Hmmm??? I need to find a "Tight Snare drum" sample in a whole mess of drum sound samples. Type in "Tight Snare Drum" and all metafields that match that description are displayed. That could be useful and make work pretty efficient huh?

Then here's the view if I select just a single folder.


Now let's compare that to what the curret Sound Forge's File Window Browser provides while selecting the same folder.

Looking kind of outdated by not supporting displaying any metadata fields which the majority of modern audio file formats now have with a waste of a bunch of screen space not filling any useful information.



sophocles wrote on 1/28/2018, 2:42 PM

Here's what I'd suggested earlier in the old Sony forum (with maybe a few slight modifications):

Allow deactivating - maybe I move from computer to computer more often than others, but I seem to always be running up against the limit on my activations, and have to call support to up it. If I could just deactivate it on the old computer I’m moving from, that could be avoided. Better, you might consider that, plus allowing it to be installed wherever, with just the two activations. 

Make it 64 bit - that would allow more memory, so more audio open at the same time, more processes, more background.

Allow Batch Converter processing in the background (!!!) - currently, if you start a batch, you have to wait til it’s done to be able to continue editing. I've never understood why this is a foreground operation. Background encoding, please!

Keyboard shortcut to remove a marker - I’ve got my playhead (CTI) sitting on the marker; I’d like a way to delete it without having to right click on that little orange square.

Keyboard shortcut to name a marker

Stop having problems saving a file - is it really so hard to save a file? Hardly a session goes by when I don’t get the “An error occurred while saving one or more files. An error occurred writing the file. Make sure you have write access to the file/folder and that there is enough free space.” I have access, and there is enough free space!! And I just saved a few minutes ago! This has been a problem for as long as I can remember, on every machine I’ve owned. Yes, usually just saving again works, but really, no other software has this issue. Can we please squash this bug?

Customization exporting and importing - okay, I’ve got my space set up, preferences to my liking, and my keyboard shortcuts set up; it’d be great to be able to save them out to preserve them and import them back on another machine.

Customization retention - I like to have the windows stay the way I left them. One example, I have the metadata tabs on top, but closed up. SF opens with them all disclosed instead of tucked away as I left them. (see batch window)

More metadata - I now need to use an MP3 tagger to finish tagging my files (album art and lyrics, for example). The recent poll seemed to be asking about what we’re doing for finishing, but didn’t really cover my workflow. I’m either burning CDs or uploading MP3s, neither of which gets fully supported in SF.

Multiple burners - now that it’s stepped up it’s game on burning, it needs to step it up a bit more. Do I really need to rely on Nero to burn to multiple CD burners at once? And, how about letting me specify how many discs I want to burn, rather than the obtuse, “The burn operations was successful. Would you like to burn another disc?” message that comes up after burning? (Which requires you to put in another disc and click okay - it can’t even detect another disc load....)

Disc image burning - it’d be great to be able to make an iso image file, which could be used to overcome some of the current burning limitations.

DDP image creation - it’s great to be able to make a Red Book disc, but a lot of replicators would really rather have a DDP image that can be FTP’d rather than a physical disc.

Preview a cut in event mode - your website says this works, but it doesn’t work for me - it always skips over the event instead of playing thru the edit.

Dedicated event tool keyboard shortcut - now the best I can do is a toggle between event tool, zoom tool, and edit tool - allow a shortcut to choose the tool I want (or to switch between standard and event edit mode)

Batch window opens too small - can’t fill in all the metadata without scrolling or resizing window. I realize it may not fit in all computer monitor windows (tho I’d bet most high enough resolution now), but it could remember what it was last sized to and its screen position, and go back to that on re-open.

Lock channel selection default - Can’t lock the channel selection by default. Since I’m usually editing the audio as a whole and not on a channel basis, the first thing I have to do after opening a sound file is lock that. Why can’t I make that the default? Maybe there’s a setting somewhere I can’t find? Why can't it remember the next time I open the file?

Keyboard shortcut to Deselect - Yes, I can change the selection, but I can’t just deselect.

Volume Envelope - Seems silly that it’s a Plug-in Chain - and now that I can’t process it, I can’t apply it without closing the project! Lots of users have complained already about the new way the Plug-in Chain now works. I’ll heartily second that - having to close a file to apply it - whatever in the world…? BUT, it’d be nice to have real volume and pan envelopes NOT tied to the Plug-in Chain

Fix the link to in the help file (leaves out the colon)

(One other little note - did version SF 11 .301 get released to the public? This included a fix for the elevated privileges problem....)

Tabon-Man wrote on 2/1/2018, 8:00 PM

De-rustle and de-wind

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 2/5/2018, 4:59 AM

Thank you all for your contribution! It's really great to see how much input the community can give us.

We will evaluate your ideas all together and see if and how we implement those. Because of that, I will close this thread. In the future, when we need the communities feedback, I will start another thread.

Again, thank you, SOUND FORGE community!

Best regards