Soundforge 15 - Windows 11 - Won't save settings on close and reopen

sathyme wrote on 6/12/2024, 11:14 AM

Too long a story - but after purchasing a New Lenovo P16 laptop - Win. 11 - in January - and problems w/Lenovo that involved The NYS Attorney General - This past Friday - WITH a Lenovo Tech on the line for 2+ hours - with a Windows USB Reboot and install program THEY sent me via FedEx so I know it's not the Windows install itself - I had to wipe the laptop and reinstall Windows from scratch and of course put back ALL of my programs - settings - licenses etc.

At first - SF 15 for some reason didn't have a save as MP3 setting?? I found the solution for that in the Forum - Then - It wouldn't save basic settings - So I did a SF 15 RE-install (after just re-installing it the day prior as I wrote above.) It crashed several times over the next 2 days - AND YES - I always keep the feature that allows you to report it to MAGIX - so I did that on the 3-4 times it crashed - That was BOTH on Monday and Tuesday - Today is Wed. and SF 15 must have closed down overnight - as I had to reopen it and ONCE AGAIN - AND - it won't save settings - In particular I am referring to:

1. New File settings - which I set at MONO - 16 bit - 44.1

2. Scroll and Cursor preferences in the OPTION section

3. Delete Temp Files on close

Strangely enough in Preferences - what FINALLY stayed was: Open Workspace on Startup which I had a problem with - and - The Startup Help screen - as it FINALLY accepted the DON'T SHOW again - which was ALWAYS a nuisance to get to stick.

I am almost willing to upgrade to a different version - BUT you should know Magix after problems in the past when I FIRST installed SF 15 - emailed me and kindly gave me a build with a Permanent license/Serial No. because I was having so many problems as I had just purchased SF15 upgrading from SF 12 (I was using a Win. 7 Lenovo Laptop at that time) - so I was hoping to "ride this version" as long as I could.

I NEVER had these particular problems before - HELP!


SP. wrote on 6/12/2024, 11:25 AM

@sathyme Do you use OneDrive? I made the experience that during the installation of Windows 11, it will try to enable itself. Could be that some data is stored in a folder that gets synchronized with the OneDrive cloud storage.

Next, it depends on how you installed Windows 11. Did you completely wipe your SSD? Or did you keep your data? Maybe you kept also old user account with limited privileges?

john_barr wrote on 6/12/2024, 11:53 AM


To save Sound Forge settings, you must make the settings you need, without opening any audio file, and then close and reopen Sound Forge. When Sound Forge reopens, the settings will appear as you did.

sathyme wrote on 6/12/2024, 12:00 PM

@SP - I don't use OneDrive - BUT - it DOES set itself up automatically - so I will check that - I do have it on my other laptop - maybe that is the problem - But Thanks for the suggestion - I will check this out.

sathyme wrote on 6/12/2024, 12:02 PM

@john_barr - Hmmm - I will also try this - and I will even try it as well by shutting off my computer and seeing if it still keeps the settings - THANK YOU - AND I will report back!

sathyme wrote on 6/12/2024, 12:17 PM

@john_barr HEY!! - This seemed to work - THANK YOU! I can't remember having this problem before - But maybe I DID close everything and then opened SF before - and didn't do it the same way this time - anyway - Thank you!