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Why have you posted the same question four times?

Have you actually downloaded the new soundpool? If so, it is most likely in your Downloads folder. Have you checked there?

If you're not sure how to access that folder do the following: open the search box, bottom left corner of your desktop (it looks like a magnifying glass). Where it says "Type here to search" put the following: C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads. Can you now see the soundpool?


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SP. wrote on 5/20/2024, 5:03 AM

@Morten-kaarvand Usually, you'll download a Zip file with the audio loops. Windows can extract the files via a right click menu to a directory of your choice. You can then drag and drop the audio loops from Windows Explorer into your project. Alternatively, you can use they internal file browser in Music Maker instead of Windows Explorer.

If you acquired a Magix Soundpool you can also download it from the Download tab inside Music Maker (if you used the exact same e-mail account you use inside Music Maker). This will automatically extract and install it into the correct directory. The loops will then appear in the Loops tab.

You can also add Magix Soundpools manually via the gear icon in the Loops tab. Simply extract the Zip file first, then add the directory to the Loops tab.

Only Magix Soundpools can be added to the Loops tab. If you bought loops from another label, you can use the drag and drop technique I described above.

Morten-kaarvand wrote on 5/23/2024, 4:02 PM

thank you for a serious answer. the soundpool is not a magix. its call top lines and i have been trying to do what i read here that i only can do whit magix loops- so drag and drop into my project.? do you then mean into the song im creating. isn it posible yo get the hole loop somwere in the music maker. i do what i have to, but now that you know what kind of loop ot is.(rounded sound) i was just wondering if it was some more and wanted to know if you now can tell me the easyest way to use this. thanks again spesial to you who wrotw this answer

SP. wrote on 5/23/2024, 5:53 PM

@Morten-kaarvand Yes, I was talking about the song you are creating. After you downloaded the Zip file from Producerplanet go into your Download folder and extract the Zip file with a right mouse click. Then go into the extracted folder. There should be different Wav file. You can now simply drag and drop them with your left mouse button from Windows Explorer into your song project.