mirlen101 wrote on 12/29/2009, 2:47 PM
I have sound pool DVD collection 14 and I found I had to copy the wave file folders into the correct folder because Music Maker 15 said the file folder it was looking in was empty .After looking into the file folder it was referring to it was empty . So I copied the sound wave files into the folder tree directly . Making sure that the address matched where MusicMaker was looking for the files in the first place . MusicMaker tends to throw files around and then can't locate them . And doesn't go looking for the files as it should in the first place and then load them automatically . The address tree MusicMaker was looking for the files was incorrect so I had to copy that address tree from another location where the wave files were actually being stored and put them where MusicMaker was trying to find them . If that makes sense ;-) Hope that helps you ;-) If MusicMaker would just ask where the wave files are located then we wouldn't have this problem ;-/ Or better yet load them automatically ! Bad design on their part ;-/