Soundpool Collection with Music Studio

Javolenus wrote on 12/3/2008, 10:11 AM
Hi There,

I'm very new to Music Studio. I just bought Soundpool Collection 15 on DVD, hoping to expand the default library of sounds and samples. What I'd like to ask is:

How do I edit/manipulate the samples on the Soundpool DVD, using Music Studio 12? Is it possible to convert the samples to midi objects and then use the Music Studio midi editor tool? Or is it not possible to edit the Soundpool samples?

Any advice on this welcome. And thanks in advance for replies.

EDIT: Hi ralftaro, that's great - I totally get what you mean and can now move forward. I kinda guessed this was the situation, but thought I'd check in case I missed something. Thanks again - it's a great help.

EDIT#2: Thanks again guys. I guess I'm on a steep learning curve - but I'm having fun. I'll probably spend a few more days playing around with the software before trying something for real. Thanks again - support much appreciated.


ralftaro wrote on 12/4/2008, 8:28 AM
Hi again,

I'm afraid the material provided on a soundpool disc is all purely digital audio samples. There's no way to somehow transform them to MIDI data in Music Studio. You can import them into the program (either via the audio file import option in the "File" menu or by pulling them in straight from the Windows Explorer) and process them as audio samples, which is Music Studio's strongest side, anyway. You have very powerful audio manipulation options in the program, e.g. you can transform the soundpool files into loop objects and use them as building blocks for your arrangements.

I hope this helps.

NoTurning wrote on 12/4/2008, 8:35 AM
Ralftaro pretty much nailed it... though there are programs out there that will convert .wav samples to midi it's a tedious process and does not work very well. I've used them to get audio samples into my Yamaha Keyboard. Not worth the effort.

I'll reiterate what was said: you have a great audio editing tool right there and with the .vst plugin options; you have a limitless ability to work with your music and samples.

I recommend having the manual on CD printed at your local FedEx/Kinkos and thumb through it while you're at the program.