Soundpool Royalte Free License: Use in games & rental/lending ?

rafaelp wrote on 8/21/2019, 4:09 AM


I'm fairly new to Magix Music Maker and enjoy the tool so far quite a lot!
Now I have purchased some Soundpools from under the Commercial (Royalty Free) license and after reading through the license file ( I have two questions.


I'd like to create a soundtrack for some indie game I'm working on using the SoundPools that I purchased. Now even though the use in computer games (be they sold or distributed for free) is not mentioned explicitly in the license but I assume it is covered. Is this correct ?

Second and related:

Now in section 2.a.a it reads "[...] The right of time-limited transfer of use is excluded (rental, lending).". This means while I am allowed to sell created songs I am not allowed to lend them ? This would be fine with me as I don't plan to do so (even though I don't understand the reason for this limitation) but hypothetically if I create a soundtrack for a game and this game gets rented out. Would this violate the Soundpools license ? Again, this is a hypothetical question that's bugging me.

I checked the forums/internet and couldn't find a sufficient answer to my questions but if it exists already then please just reply me the link to where I can read up the information !

Thank you in advance :-)


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