Soundpools don't download

Arman-OssiLoko wrote on 9/16/2018, 1:12 PM


I've purchased the "3 free 80s soundpools" pack from Humble Bundle yesterday and I have added the code to my Music Maker and purchased 2 soundpools. Unfortunately, once I download them and reopen Music Maker (code and open again), the soundloops don't appear under the loops tab in the menu and I have to download them again.

If I download them again, close and reopen the program, I get the same issue showing me that I haven't downloaded the soundpools at all. I have no idea if they get removed from the HDD after closing the program or if something else is the issue.

Also, Music Maker wants to randomly update itself almost every time I launch it (even though I already updated it 2 minutes ago).


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