Special Markers feature - can I turn this off?

Xenofex2 wrote on 10/6/2018, 6:05 AM

Is there any way of turning off the ‘special markers’ feature in Audio & Music Lab?

At the moment I cannot see any benefit of the ‘special markers’ feature that appear above the timeline and wonder is there any way of turning this feature off so that I then only have ‘track markers’ with the relevant track title appearing?

After importing just two tracks (and adding song title & artiste), but then after noting the large number of ‘special markers’ appearing on the Timeline I right clicked and so found a remove ‘all markers’ does exactly what it says, removes all including the track markers.  

So at the moment it appears that I then either have to put up with the ‘special markers’, or, first import all
the music tracks, then delete these 'special markers' as they tend to cover up the yellow track information marker information, before then adding song/artist information for each track? Any suggestions please?




ralftaro wrote on 10/16/2018, 7:47 AM

Hi George,

Can you confirm what action or workflow leads to the setting of the undesired markers in your case? Off the top of my head, and after having a brief look in the program again, I don't really see what program functionality would automatically produce markers, other than the various automatisms for setting track markers. So, I understand this is either about the general-purpose (ALT+M) or pause markers (Shift+M), and I'm wondering how you ended up with those markers in the first place. Thanks.



Xenofex2 wrote on 10/16/2018, 4:14 PM


At the time I was recording music from the internet using the 'Digital' tab in MEP. I had so many of these Special Markers that putting information into the Track Marker was getting lost, hence my question.

Thinking about it, it could only happen when recording music from the internet, as later when editing MP3 versions and cross fade'ing, I had no problems. This recording from the Internet is the area that I have so far come across these Special Markers. 

Above is just a quick test tonight, importing any music from the internet. In this test there are just two Special Markers (orange), before I had loads of these Special Markers within each track and so had no chance of reading what the track title was what from the (yellow) Track Marker. Hence my question, what is the benefit of these Special Markers and can I turn them off.