SpectraLayers 4.0.87 - Huge Default (non layout saveable) Tool Sizes

Donde wrote on 8/29/2017, 11:22 AM

I work back and forth between Sound Forge Pro 11 and SL Pro 4, for removing mouth clicks and other noises.   Select a segment in SF then click the icon for "Edit in SpectraLayers".  

SL works beautifully for these issues.  Usually I use the Clone tool, but sometimes the Eraser.   Sound Forge "locks" until you exit SL, then reimports the changes back on the timeline.

The problem is, you have to re-setup the Tool Sizes for each launch of SpectraLayers because they default to a rediculously large size of .5 second, whereas I usually use between .02 and .04 for noise removal.

Actually, this is a defect because you can't save your preferred tool sized in a saved Layout, and its definitely a dissatisfier and slow down in terms of workflow. 

To add to the annoyance, when you click on the field to change the tool width, if you move your mouse off the field, the field gets Deselected, and any typing you do to change its goes in the bit bucket.

Could you please Fix this issue.   At minimum it should save your tool sizes across restarts in the default.layout.   Thanks

   - Don   (Win 10 64b Intel i7)