SpectraLayers sending update to Sound Forge

Donde wrote on 2/6/2019, 6:15 PM

====== Part 1

While editing in Sound Forge 12 Pro v12.1 I sometimes need to remove tons of mouth clicks in SpectraLayers Pro 5 v5.0.140.  There a couple issues with the back and forth:

* If you select the audio then choose Edit in SpectraLayers from the SF menu... the selected audio does appear in SL and you can edit it okay.

* But when you try to close the file in SL it asks if you want to update in SoundForge (yes), then save as a separate SL file (no), Sound Forge doesn't receive the change.

* You have to CLOSE SpectraLayers for the update to happen.  Since  I generally have to do 40-50 such edits in a row, this behavior forces me to wait for SL to restart, choose the same Paint Brush tool, and exit after each edit, a huge time waste. 

I'm suggesting when you tell SpectraLayers to update Sound Forge, it should happen right away and keep SL window open to receive the next clip you want to edit, saving all the closing and restarting each time.

====== Part 2

* If you select the audio then choose Send to SpectraLayers from the SF menu... again the selection appears in SL, but when you exit SL, it asks you if you want to send to SoundForge... this option answered Yes or No does nothing.   Either it should work or not be offered to you as an option  (this is a Defect).

    - Don


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