Start Dialog remains Greyed Out

BritneyParallax wrote on 3/18/2023, 6:51 PM

Earlier today I purchased the upgrade to Music Maker 2023 premium Edition, and installed the 64-bit version of the program from the .exe which was linked in the order confirmation E-mail.

I am able to launch this new 64-bit version, and was able to sign into my MAGIX account using the log-in in the upper right, but every time I try to display the Start Dialog so I can enter my serial number the page remains Greyed out while a loading symbol of three diagonal slashes displays in the center.

The on boarding page has this same behavior, but the main body of the program works fine. How can I get the Start Dialog to progress so I can enter my serial key? Is there anywhere in the main program window to enter registration?

My version number is


SP. wrote on 3/18/2023, 6:55 PM

@BritneyParallax The grey loading screen should only be visible for one or two seconds. I think the program tries to connect to Magix' servers but can't so the screen doesn't go away. Is there something blocking it from doing so, like a firewall?

SP. wrote on 3/18/2023, 6:57 PM

@BritneyParallax You can also visit, log into your user account and register your serial number there. Then you don't need to enter it in Music Maker.

BritneyParallax wrote on 3/18/2023, 7:31 PM

Thank you for the prompt reply. ^_^

I checked the settings on my windows firewall, Music Maker 64-bit is set to allowed on both Private and Public, it has the same permissions as the previous 32 bit version of Music Maker where I have my MM2019 activated.

I logged into as suggested and checked my products, where I see that Music Maker 2023 Premium is already listed along with today's registration date and displaying the same serial number from the e-mail. When clicked it shows 2 of 2 activation slots unused. I take this to mean it's already as registered on the site as it's going to get?

Should I enter my activation code for 2023 premium in to the 32 bit Music Maker that is still working correctly? Could having this earlier installation be the problem?

I've seen that they both share the list of installed VIs and soundpools, in spite of the 64 bit application not being activated?

SP. wrote on 3/18/2023, 7:43 PM

@BritneyParallax No, the product is already registered to your account. So it isn't necessary to enter the serial number ever again.

Usually it should now work the following way:

- You open Music Maker.

- You see the start screen.

- The program should automatically log into your user account.

- You wait a moment. It can take a minute until Music Maker 2023 Premium Edition is shown under your products on the right side of the start screen.

- Then you should be able to access your new features from the Download Tab or the in-app-store.

- If something doesn't work open the Music Maker program settings and click on the button to clean up the store. This will delete the old cache of the store. After you log in the next time, a new cache will be created. This often helps if you encounter problems. Do this in case the Premium Edition will not appear in the list of unlocked programs until you waited some minutes.

- If Music Maker feels sluggish and unresponsive or freezes try to disable the text cursor indicator in the Windows settings. This is a new problem that appeared some months ago.


The two slots in the user account will stay empty. Music Maker doesn't use them any longer. You can install it on as many computers as you own. You just need to login after the program has started.

BritneyParallax wrote on 3/18/2023, 8:40 PM


Now that you mention it, I remember something about those slots being phased out for unlimited. ^_^

I activated the new Music Maker 2023 premium key in my 32 bit app and the new features are now unlocked in both it and the 64 bit app. I've also been given the store credits for features and soundpools that came with the upgrade. These are appearing in the new app as well, and it's store is working.

The on boarding and Start Dialogs for the 64 bit app are still stuck on forever loading, but now I've gotten my upgrades I paid for today, so I suppose it doesn't matter much?

Thank you for your help today. ^_^

SP. wrote on 3/18/2023, 8:58 PM

@BritneyParallax No, for now it doesn't matter as long as it works. 👍

Maybe there is some server problem on Magix' side that will go away over the next few days. Or maybe the next Music Maker patch or Windows update will solve the problem. The causes for these problems are often inexplicable and tough to solve if only a handful of users is affected.

In any case you can ask us users again in this forum if something doesn't work or create a support ticket for technical support.