Strings for Independence 2

Christopher-Burke wrote on 12/3/2022, 8:40 PM

Dear Anyone.

Bit puzzled. I thought Independence 2 was made by Magix but I can't find it listed anywhere in their AUDIO products - but here goes anyway!

I've got the 32-bit versioin, legitimately bought awhile back but never used. Anyone know of any affordable (up to about £70) orchestral strings libraries for it? I just want to put nice orchestral strings behind my piano tunes - think Richard Clayderman, James Last, Santec Orchestra, anyone like that. I'm not going to be modelling hyperreal film scores, just putting strings behind my New Agey piano melodies.

Anyone know of anything that'll work in Independence 2 32-bit? I THINK they used to do a library called 'Orchestral Strings' but for some reason I never bought it, and now I can't even find Independence 2 listed here - does that mean the 32-bit version of that library's gone too? Seem to remember it was pretty good, I dunno. I'll let you lot answer.

Yours hopefully



SP. wrote on 12/4/2022, 2:59 AM

@Christopher-Burke It is still available

If you want something cheaper today is the LAST day of the Black Friday sales.

You can currently get Vita String Ensemble in the Music Maker in-app-store for 77% off for under $7. The price is usually $30.

You can use this instrument in Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio. But both programs are running on 64 bit platforms. So, if you don't have a modern 64 bit operating system this won't help you.

Vita String Ensemble uses the same samples as Orchestral Strings, but compressed as OGG files instead of WAV files and the Vita Instruments GUI is limited in functionality compared to Independence.

I'm not sure if you can still activate the current version of Orchestral Strings in Independence 2. You might want to contact customer support at and ask them for a update to Independence version 3.

Christopher-Burke wrote on 12/4/2022, 8:42 AM

Dear SP and everyone.

Hokay, so I'm being dumbass somewhere. Not an uncommon occurrence!

"You can currently get Vita String Ensemble in the Music Maker in-app-store for 77% off for under $7. The price is usually $30. You can use this instrument in Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio." I don't have Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio, as far as I know. I've got Independence 2, 32-bit. Can I use Vita String Ensemble in Independence 2 32-bit?

I've only had JBRIDGE for 2 days and had one great success with it and one partial success with it. Could I use it with Vita String Ensemble to make the String Ensemble usable in Independence 2 32-bit?

If yes, could someone give me a link to where I buy Vita String Ensemble? I'm stoopid on websites and I can't find it here anywhere - sorry. Not the £7 one that SP spoke of (or £30 when not on sale.) Can only find a much more expensive one (over £100)

I love writing music but the science of all of this makes my brane crawl out my ears! IF necessary, could I buy Vita String Ensemble and use Independence 2 to put the actual samples in and play them that way?

Sorry for the dumbass questions - am trying to learn. Love writing Richard Clayderman-style piano'n'strings and am just looking for some not-too-complicated-to-learn-to-use strings to put behind my piano pieces.


Yours hopefully



SP. wrote on 12/4/2022, 8:51 AM


Vita String Ensemble in Independence 2 32-bit

Are you sure that you have Independence 2 and not 3? I think version 2 is from 2008. Did you get such an old version?

Vita String Ensemble works only in Music Maker and Samplitude Music Studio inside Independence 3.

But Music Maker is free, so you could get the free edition and Vita String Ensemble and then create some music with it and export it as WAV.

Christopher-Burke wrote on 12/4/2022, 10:10 PM

Dear SP....

I'm attempting(!) to attach a screenshot - I'm NOT GOOD at things like this - might take me a couple of tries, especially if it doesn't show up till AFTER you post the message....

Yup - it worked - here it is in all its glory!

I've vaguely heard of a Chicken Systems program that turns presets from other VSTs into Independence 2 presets but apparently the guy who does Chicken Systems chucked all his toys outta his pram at Independence 2 awhile back and won't let me have a copy - do you know where I can get one from? It's LEGIT, I'm NOT asking for anything cracked (apart from myself!) It just ports presets to Independence 2 only and would be INCREDI BLY useful as so many other VSTs aren't multitimbral like this beauty is. It's such a shame Independence 2 remained under the radar - it's got SOOO much potential!

Yours respectfully,

Chris, who keeps Independence 2 cos it's 32-bit like my lovely notation Daw (Quick Score Elite Level 2)

SP. wrote on 12/5/2022, 2:55 AM


If you click on "Preferences" you can see the version number at the bottom of the screen, just above the keyboard keys.

Chicken Systems Translator is for converting sample libraries between different formats. But I don't know if the current version of Translator even able to create Independence compatible files.

It's not converting generic VST presets into a format that Independence can play. BUT, Independence can load VST instruments by placing the VST2 DLL-files in C:\ProgramData\MAGIX\Independence\VST Plug-Ins.

32 bit Independence should be able to load 32 bit VST plugins. Maybe also 64 bit plugins with jBridge.

Sadly, you cannot add Independence internal effects to the VSTs and only play them. But you can layer multiple VSTs.