Stuck at 44.1

Justin-F wrote on 12/28/2022, 2:07 PM

Hey all, Hope I can get some help with this. I am helping install a a new self serve VO PC. The idea is people can just walk up, open SounfForge 14 and record their VOs save to a network drive close SF and walk away. The old PC seemed to be stuck on the windows side at 44.1K sampling rate so it would always pop and go to 48K when opening SoundForge (SF). For the new computer I was able to get windows to do 48K and the work area in SoundForge to do 48K but when the application opens it still stays at 44.1K. It will change to 48K when I start to record, but then it pops really loudly as it changes the sample rate. I've tried two different interfaces and even tried downloading version 16 but it does the same thing. am I missing something? Is there a way to get SF to stick to the sample rate Windows is using and my work area is using? Both are 48K. I wouldn't mind too much except that it pops every time the sample rate changes and its loud.

Thanks for any help anyone can give.


rraud wrote on 12/28/2022, 3:56 PM

Seasons Greetings and welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users community @Justin-F.

If I understand correctly, you would like all new files to record at 48kHz without having to change it from 44.1kHz each time a new file is recorded?
That can be changed in the Sound Forge 'Internal' menu (which is normally hidden)..
Go to the Options menu, select Preferences> whilst holding down the SHIFT key. Then select the 'Internal' tab and search for the "New file sample rate" field. Change the sample rate to 48kHz. Click elsewhere in the (internal) window (important) and then execute the change by clicking Apply and OK.. Restart Sound Forge and all new files should be 48k.

Otherwise, It could have something to do with your external A/D interface (or soundcard) .

Out of curiosity, why 48k, when the defacto standard for digital 'audio only' files is 44.1kHz. 48k typically used for audio-for-video.

Justin-F wrote on 12/28/2022, 4:19 PM

Thanks RRAUD! That did it! I had to change the Mixer and Engine sample rate as well but it worked! this is a PC for VOs for video pieces so its as you suspected. Audio-For-Video. We love sound forge because its simple and it just WORKS! Thanks for your advice. Just changed it and all is happy!