Support of SpectraLayers Pro 5

condex wrote on 10/18/2019, 5:14 AM

Does anyone know if MAGIX is still looking after tech support for SpectraLayers Pro 5 or does that now lie with Steinberg? The reason I ask is that SLP5 registration/activation still sits on My Account with MAGIX (as well as all previous SLPs that were purchased through Sony prior to MAGIX's acquisition of SpectraLayers). None of SLP5 or earlier info sits on Steinberg's website.


MrSoundman wrote on 11/29/2019, 5:19 PM

As far as I know, versions of SpectraLayers earlier than 6 will still be registered with MAGIX, including the very old Sony versions (but you would have to register the serial on the MAGIX system). As far as support is concerned, I haven't seen much happening in this forum, so why not sign up to the Steinberg forum, where Robin (the developer) is a frequent visitor? You don't have to have bought the Steinberg version to get access to the forum. There's also a nice deal for upgrading to version 6 too, which would give you ongoing support.

condex wrote on 12/8/2019, 4:58 AM

@MrSoundman … thanks for that. I'm already on the Steinberg forum - same user name as here - and already have purchase SL6.

The problem at the time that I posted on this forum was that SL5 wouldn't open under any conditions inc as admin. A few difficulties emerged with another programme, so I did a clean re-install of Windows 10. It took a day or so to re-install W10 and all my currently used programmes, but it proved a good opportunity to ignore a whole lot of old no longer used programmes. Anyway, the result was that SL5 worked again - so a good outcome.

Edit: my apologies - my user name on Steinberg is dexcon.