[Survey] Chance to win ACID Pro 8 and to become a beta tester!

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 9/7/2018, 5:21 AM

Dear Community,

8 years after the last release, the latest version of the creative DAW, ACID Pro 8, was finally released in the Spring. We would be interested in learning your thoughts about the new version of the software in this survey. At the end of the survey, you'll also have the chance to register as a beta-tester for future versions.

In appreciation for your time and participation in the survey, survey respondents will have the chance to enter into a contest where three individuals will be chosen at random to receive the new ACID Pro 8!

Take the survey

All information will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous and will not be disclosed to any third parties. 

Best wishes,

The ACID Team


Matt-Francis wrote on 9/8/2018, 2:40 AM

Done. I already purchased AP8 but it’s encouraging you're asking for our feedback. Saying that, I think there are enough comments on the forum to give a good indication of some of the things that should have been done.in the months since release. Hope there is an update soon.

sheppo wrote on 9/8/2018, 5:12 AM

Some of the bugs commonly reported here are fixed on the current beta. So, if you or anyone here is the kind of person that likes to provide useful feedback on in-development software, and sometimes get bug fixes ahead of public release I'd suggest opting in to the beta at the end of the survey.

Obviously in-development software shouldn't be used on your production workstations due to the nature of beta testing, but this is a great way to more formally feed in to the ongoing development of Acid Pro!

bfresh wrote on 9/8/2018, 2:16 PM

I agree with the 1st poster. I completed the survey even though I already own Acid 8 Pro. I've been using Acid for my full time music production job since it came out in 1998. I switched to it in 1999 and have stuck with it ever since. I've taught seminars on how to use Acid. Most of my colleagues have left Acid for Reaper or Ableton. I would love to provide feedback.

UGB wrote on 9/8/2018, 4:27 PM


PhotonBoy wrote on 9/10/2018, 11:11 AM

I have been using Acid Pro since the SF days. I too did the survey. We all want AP to improve, yes?

jocker-boy wrote on 9/12/2018, 9:48 AM


Babis wrote on 9/14/2018, 8:08 AM

Just completed the survey. Very nice and appreciatted. I have been a user persistently for 20 consecutive years, since the very first version, Acid PH. Looks like to me Magix is the first serious home for Acid since the Sonic Foundry days. It also shows Magix is not kidding about their soft. All in all it makes me a happy user and customer once again, after more than 10 years of bad experience with the previous IP holders. Whatever the outcome of the survey, we have something to look for in the future. My respect for caring guys :-)


Matt-Francis wrote on 9/16/2018, 9:52 AM

Can't remember if it was in the survey and haven't used AP8 fully yet due to some issues but hope MAGIX also develop better tools for actually making music as opposed to stringing loops together. I currently make all my kicks, percussion, melodies, basslines etc in FL Studio and then export them to Acid for arrangement because I prefer Acid's ease of painting tracks and editing. Would be great if something like FL's piano roll and synths were incorporated in Acid so we can create our own tracks and use the TAB key to flip between the two like in Ableton.

Just.N.Case wrote on 9/23/2018, 1:27 AM

Almost 20 years on Acid... Got plenty of feedback. Would love to beta my second workstation to help keep people from experience what I am STILL currently dealing with on this 64 bit version.

weevil wrote on 9/25/2018, 4:27 PM

Like a number of the others I've been using Acid since it was first released. When not making music I'm a digital product manager. Can provide much beta feedback.

LooneyBinJim wrote on 9/28/2018, 2:39 PM

I have to praise Magix for bringing Acid Pro back into the world of production;with our help lets make Acid Pro the program of programs that so many devs used as the template. The rest is history.

It would appear the problem most have is the once perfect interface; who like me still remember Acid pro on our fast at the time P90 pentium 128mb Ram etc win95/win98 pcs.It was amazing no longer was i slumped over my Roland w30 workstation with its 12s sample time 8 tracks of sequencing etc.

My first of many ideas is to see a interface that's completely customisable, I would start with the new dark skin ( Let me see the light!). Mixer channels that i can double click to reveal just a fader meter eq dials etc not a mixer that lets you have a narrow, norm and wide option all of which are just to damn big unless you have a multi monitor setup or a 52 " monitor.

That's just the start .

Let us longtime |Loyal users help iron out our problems with you guys at Magix .......

Hyperdriver wrote on 10/29/2018, 4:14 PM

I have been using Acid since around 2002 when it was still a sonic foundry product. When they released version 4 it became my main piece of music creation software.