Sustain pedal loses function when MIDI recording

nothingbuterrors wrote on 11/4/2019, 1:05 AM

Pretty basic problem. MAGIX 2020. Got a sustain pedal. It works perfectly on my keyboard's inbuilt sounds (got one of the digital grands), it works perfectly on the VSTs within the program, but as soon as I switch from just playing around to actually recording MIDI it doesn't do anything at all. As soon as I stop recording, it works just fine again. In some plugins it loses 100% function, as if the sustain pedal might as well have been unplugged. In other plugins, it sounds perfectly functional while recording, but when I stop recording, the resulting notes have no indication a sustain pedal was ever used on them, neither visually nor audibly. "Convert sustain pedal to note lengths" button does nothing.


browj2 wrote on 11/5/2019, 9:06 AM


Sorry, can't help with your sustain pedal. Mine works fine.

You say that it works with some instruments but not others. Difficult to test without knowing which ones.

In the MIDI editor, make sure to turn on the Velocity/Controller Editor. The Velocity interface will open at the bottom of the screen. Open the Popdown (it should say Vel) and select the 64 SwSustain. There should actually be an asterisk on it if the sustain was recorded. If you used the sustain pedal you should see something like below. This is where you can adjust, add or remove sustain.

There was an update to MusicMaker issued today.

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