Temp directory space problem on new install

murrayatuptown wrote on 3/31/2024, 9:45 PM

I just downloaded Vegas Pro Suite and am setting all the peripheral programs and their individual activation codes.

While installing Acid 11 version 11.0.7 (Build 18) I received a pop-up/dialog box stating:

The temporary directory is getting low on space. Please try to free up room on drive C:\.

Drive C: is a 3.6 TB SSD with 3.25 TB space available, so I think this is a setup/ configuration phenomenon.

Any suggestions on what to check/change?


Thank you


SP. wrote on 4/1/2024, 4:12 AM

@murrayatuptown Acid cannot handle terabytes of storage. You can select another, smaller drive for the recordings to store. Then the error should disappear.

murrayatuptown wrote on 4/1/2024, 2:05 PM


Both my drives are huge. Maybe I can create another partition or VHD or similar...someday. Acid is not my first goto in the package so it's not a problem at the moment...I just wanted to address any easy changes.


Thank you