The Bloody Temporary Directorary is getting low message.

Paul-Patterson wrote on 7/15/2020, 7:11 PM

Anyone getting this same problem with Acid Pro 10 64bit.



Everytime I load Acid 10 I get this, and it was str8 after a fresh Install of Windows 10 pro, I have 2,.46Tb of disk space on my C Drive , I have defraged, Malwarebyted, Cleared Temp Files, Done Disk cleanup, I mean everything possible and no more unused files sitting on my Pc.


I think it is a software bug in Acid 10 as Cubase has no issues or Cakewlk SonarX3 Pro, I hope Magix sorts this issue out.

Update: I did a reinstall again of Windows 10 and still the same issue even after fresh install on a genuine windows.

Sheesh and Acid is running sluggish.


Any thoughts or ideas in resolving this.


Cheers Guys and Gals


sheppo wrote on 7/16/2020, 6:26 AM

hey @Paul-Patterson,

Yeah, that looks like a bug when calculating the free space. If there's too much free space the value is maybe wrapping around, probably in to a negative number, and reports there's not enough.

with temp folder on my c: drive with 200gb no issue. move it to a drive with >5TB of free space and it shows that error message.

Well spotted! :D

Paul-Patterson wrote on 7/22/2020, 7:27 PM

Well I am having all sorts of problems with Acid 10 Pro, even to the point if a save a vst based instrument, that I created a  midi track on, when I reload the track just freezes and gives a horrible constant pulse sound, so I cannot save a midi track created with any particular VST instrument, I have tried 2 different Audio interfaces with same result.

I have reformatted my system twice with fresh install of Acid Pro 10 and even before install of VSTs I am having same message and problems.

My system is Genuine Win 10 Pro, i7 Processor, 64gb Ram, Nvidia 1060 6gb Graphics, 2x 4TB Hard Drives, Zoom UAC 8 USB 3 Audio Interface.

I hope Magix deals with this sooner than later as I cannot work using Acid 10 Pro ATM.