The output periph cannot read format

FLE38 wrote on 8/18/2009, 9:12 AM

I'm facing very strange message on my both installed MAGIX Video deluxe 2006 & 2007. Your help is very welcome.

Description: Creating film (only 2 pictures for example) : in both vignet or time line view, by moving the red mark I can see the pictures in small screen (OK), but by clicking on "play" I get the following message (OK) and nothing start :

"The output peripheral in wave form '#######' (the right characters are different but not available here) cannot read this format! 
A peripheral number outside your system range was used."

I really do not even know if this issue is related to MAGIX or Window.
I cannot "play" my edits anymore.

I thank you for your ideas to solve this.


FLE38 wrote on 8/18/2009, 10:05 AM

Hello again,

After reading post from early 2009, I found one similar (status solved) : solution seems to re-install the MAGIX Video.

Can a re-install affect my current projects ? I would like to avoid loosing all my not finished works.

Do you think this re-install can help ?
Do I risk to loose my on-going works if re-installing ?

I thank you again for your support.

Regards, FLE38