The serial number is linked with the wrong email !!!

weeehabla wrote on 6/29/2020, 2:25 PM

My friend purchases  the  video easy Rescue your videotapes , from store in France between year 2017 - 2016. 

And she tried many times  to use the product but there was no way for her diagnos what is the problem ! .

So now in 2020 i borrowed the USB converter from her and want to try my chance to use it , and at the activation step , it told me that the serial number is already been used.

And this is the same problem that my friend face before , so while im doing my investigation ,  she told me that it bought it from store (Boulanger ) in city of ( Montivilliers ).

And the product was returned by customer and it was not a new one .

So someone took the serial number and linked it with their email then returned the product . 

I have the product now in my hand and i wan to use and i cant with the same serial number. 

I need like direct link to tech support of the sales department to solve this problem.


emmrecs wrote on 6/30/2020, 3:54 AM


Welcome to the Magix forums.

Given the "history" of this purchase - bought and registered by one customer, returned to supplier but registration presumably not deactivated, then sold to a second customer who could not activate it because the serial number was already registered to a different email address (the first purchaser), now you have it and are attempting to use and activate it - unless you are able to discover exactly who the original purchaser was and what email address they used I'm not sure even Magix Sales will be able to help you!

The link you need is the Support button in the header of any forum page, making sure you select your product and follow ALL the links to "Ask Support".

I sincerely hope you are able to resolve this.

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johnebaker wrote on 6/30/2020, 9:39 AM


In addition to @emmrecs comment -

. . . . unless you are able to discover exactly who the original purchaser was and what email address they used . . . .

If this is not possible, there are several problems:

  • too long a period, 3 - 4 years, between purchase in 2016/17 and now, trying to fix the issue
  • the product is outside of its support period
  • the issue is actually between the buyer and the store the product was purchased from.

IMHO the only 'fix' is to buy the latest version directly from Magix.

John EB
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weeehabla wrote on 6/30/2020, 9:58 AM

@emmrecs  i tried that , and there is no way to contact with real person only the bot or previous answers from questions not related to my problem, they did not provide a bold real link to contact with them.

@johnebaker its impossible to solve the problem with the store i think because right now the product outside the area of that place.

i think even with that long period , im asking not a tech support on the device it self , im asking help to unlink the previous email linked to the serial number that i have in the back CD or provide me with new one to link my email with.

i know this problem so awkward but its happen , and it is what it is 😅

weeehabla wrote on 6/30/2020, 10:02 AM

@emmrecs ok after going throw a lot of previous answered questions , the help link support worked finally , i submitted my request and will see the replay from them thank you both .