The Soundpools are sometimes Duplicated

s011d wrote on 9/5/2017, 2:59 PM

Hi everyone! It's Emna from Astro St. NASA! More questions about soundpools; from MAGIX Music Maker & Music Maker JAM.

I purchased over 70 styles from Music Maker JAM and They are located on my PC, and I also got free soundpools the Program: 80s Dancing On My Own, HipHop My Territory & Techno- Strobe Light. I have these styles already as MMJ Styles and I noticed some differences in the instruments' names and quantity. Well, not only this issue, but also, the soundpools of MAGIX contain more sounds than the MMJ ones. And sometimes I find these sounds in Other Styles.

So, If you're working ONLY on MAGIX Music Maker, I recommend you to get soundpools from Catooh/In-App Shop. And If you're using Both Products as a workflow, you can get both soundpools & styles, if you like a MMJ style.

It's not only a con, I see that in case of soundpool reset, you can find a backup file in Music Maker JAM Style, or, vice versa. This happened to me already, and thank MAGIX for this cool feature.

To Conclude, I really recommend you to buy what you want from MAGIX Audiopools; all sounds are awesome even if they're doubled.


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