there is latency when i press a note on my keyboard the sound does not come out of the computer until 3 seconds later

oracle wrote on 9/10/2010, 10:33 PM

i am using music maker 16 on my toshiba pc, i figured out how to control the tempo but now i am having a latency problem, my keyboard is plugged into a midiman midisport 2x2 interface thru a usb to my computer and is working but there is a sort of delay or latency when i press a key on my piano or keyboard it takes about 3 seconds before any sound comes through.


nihon94 wrote on 9/11/2010, 3:16 PM



You are right it is a latency probelm and there could be a solution if you try.

Keep connected your keyboard through usb to ocmputer then open Magix Music Maker 16

on computer key board click "P" key Program settings/Audio/Midi will be opened or you can also use "Y" key then click on Audio/Midi look at right side and from Input device drop down menu choose your keyboard driver now look at the left side and from ASIO driver drop down menu choose suitable driver. (in some cases have to try some and see the result)


Note: if needed turn off the keyboard sound and play.


Thank you