Frank-Bilder wrote on 4/11/2019, 1:40 AM

I am using MMM27 premium, and can not figure out how to use the time stretch tools. Every now and again, my mouse gets stuck in the time stretch mode and I can actually scale the track left or right and it will stretch it without "extending" it. Extending the track is the standard default of the mouse operation. So I take a sample 4 bars long, if I extend it to 8 bars the sample will simply play 2 times. but if I am in stretch mode it will stretch the track across 8 bars still only playing 1 time. HOW do I get into stretch mode on purpose? for the longest time I thought it didn't exists, but ive gotten into it accidently a few times now. To get out of the " MOUSE MODE STRETCH TOOL" I just right click on the mouse and it goes away, I just cant figure out how to use engage it. Also, all the hot keys / and posts from previous MMM are not the same in this MMM. The hot keys are different and I can not even find a processor in the tools.


johnebaker wrote on 4/11/2019, 7:22 AM


Hi Frank

. . . . HOW do I get into stretch mode on purpose? . . . .

The mouse Object stretch mode is Ctrl + 7, all the mouse modes are listed in the PDF manual available under Help, Documentation, however the codes listed under the normal help are incorrect.


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