Track changes BPM when importing a Sample (Music Maker 2020)

Torben-Kirsch wrote on 8/18/2019, 5:44 AM

Hello everyone,

I am compleatly new to this program.
And I couldnt find an awnser so my problem.

My situation:

I'd like to make a Hardcore Techno track at 200 BPM
I wanted to design my kick for the track.
I got my attack/punch and now I wanted to add a bass from the sample pack I have.
I importet the bass, but suddenly the track set iself to 145 BPM.

I imported my samples into a soundpool, that didnt change it either.
The official samples from Music Maker do the same.

And if I change the BPM back to 200, then the arrangements of everything is wrong.



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