Trying to find out about licences for sounds

christopher-r wrote on 4/8/2019, 9:22 AM

I have mm 2013,2016. I have been trying to find out about the cost of licences for the sounds I have used so I can use them commercially. I have phoned Magix, but that was absolutely pointless, I was told what I already knew, which is nothing. I tried going to catooh, but talk about complicated, I got totally lost. I just need to cost the individual sounds to see if it is viable. I have no idea of how to go about this. If I cannot resolve this very soon, I will just find a different music production package. It would be very productive if they had e-mails that could be used to contact them with regard to this, but as far as I can see, they don't. Incredibly disappointed.


ralftaro wrote on 4/8/2019, 10:07 AM

Hi Christopher,

Sorry to hear you're not really getting the info you're after. You can actually contact MAGIX support via the contact form on the website:

However, most any licensing questions should be answered in the article:

Please note that there is no such thing as just licensing individual sounds in the current practical application of MAGIX content licensing. Typically, you will have used loops from MAGIX soundpools, which means you need to license the entire soundpool. So, your total would be the sum of the commercial licensing costs for *all* soundpools involved in your production(s). Maybe this information was the piece of the puzzle you were missing.

Hope this helps!