Unable to Activate Melodyne within Sony Soundforge Pro V16

Mark-Almond wrote on 1/4/2023, 3:48 PM

Hello please help me someone, I bought Sony Soundforge Pro V16 with Melodyne Essentials 5 embedded within the Soundforge Program, but I just cannot get Melodyne to unlock. I've entered the License key on-line and it recognises the number but still it won't unlock to allow me to use it without restriction. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


rraud wrote on 1/4/2023, 5:33 PM

Seasons greetings and welcome to the Magix* Sound Forge users community @Mark-Almond.
The third-party software tittles must be activated separately using their own unique activation codes.
Assuming you purchased the Suite version of Sound Forge Pro 16 directly from Magix, the activation serial codes for the third-party software (Melodyne, SpectraLayers and the iZotope plug-ins), should be in the same email with the Magix serials. If those serial codes were not in the email that Magix sent you, contact Magix sales or customer service ( sales@magix.net < or > infoservice@magix.net ).

The third party software are not embedded in Sound Forge, they are installed and activated separately. However, they can be accessed from within SF, The iZ titles are VST plug-ins, SLP (SpectraLayers Pro) can be used as a stand-alone application or as an ARA plug-in. I am not sure about Melodyne but it is one or the other..

* there is no 'Sony Sound Forge 16', the last Sony version was Sound Forge 11. Magix acquired Vegas, Sound Forge, Acid and other SCS (Sony Creative Software) titles in 2016.