Unable to change Magix Forum password - "too weak"

ParrotSlave wrote on 7/28/2019, 3:09 AM

My password for this site dates from 2011, but it has appeared in a data breach, so I thought that I would change it. Think again: Magix won't change it. It didn't like the ones I created myself, so I went to several different websites that generate random passwords, but, guess what: Magix's server thinks they're all "too weak."

It doesn't like 76_lr<}gL!0,v5d, for instance, or Pydae$4HU4ZsIyGFJ4, or any of the others. (Don't worry; I'm not going to use them after I've put them here.)

I've only tried two different browsers, but, since the password change is not something that needs to be done in a New York minute, I thought I'd post here to see if there are any suggestions.

I should mention that, as is typical of 99% of all companies, there's no option with them to find whoever or whatever it is that would answer my specific query. Whenever I have to call a corporation, the question I'm calling about never fits into their telephone "tree" either. This support site isn't a Magix product per se, so, presumably, it's not a Sales problem. I'm tempted to see if webmaster@magix.info would work. Should I try that?



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