Unable to open certain Process and Effects

Bob-Nickerson wrote on 12/29/2020, 9:59 AM

Ever since upgrading to Sound Forge 10 (yes I know that's a long time ago) I have been unable to open many of the Process and Effects available. I cannot open any Dynamics or EQ. I though upgrading to 11 would change this but it did not. I have been using 10 without these abilities but would like them back.


rraud wrote on 12/29/2020, 11:19 AM

Please be specific as to what SF versions and what plug-ins are missing. Is this in both SF 10 and 11? Where did the installation files come from? I am sure you are aware that, no effects are available if there is no audio on the timeline.

btw, welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users forum @Bob-Nickerson.

Bob-Nickerson wrote on 12/30/2020, 8:32 AM

Thanks for the quick response. The issue is in both 10 ad 11. It started when I upgraded from 9. Here is the list of what doesn't work. UNDER PROCESS: EQ (none work), Smooth/Enhance, Time - Time Stretch (elastique works), UNDER EFFECTS: Amplitude Modulation, Chorus, Delay/Echo (none), Distortion, Dynamics (none), Flange/Wah-wah, Gapper/Snipper, Noise Gate, Vibrato. Finally, when I upgraded to Windows 10 I lost my access to iZotope nectar elements. The windows open but there are no presets/styles anymore.

Bob-Nickerson wrote on 12/30/2020, 8:35 AM

I am using Windows 10 Pro/ASUSTek Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz-2.67Ghz/14 GB RAM/64-bit OS and Processor

rraud wrote on 12/30/2020, 9:30 AM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users forum @Bob-Nickerson
I would first try a reset (File menu). If that does not help, uninstall >> reinstall. The same goes for the iZ Nectar plug-in. btw, a third-party uninstaller the cleans leftover data is recommended.Temporarily disable anti-virus software prior as well.

It is odd that the behavior affects both 10 and 11... did you uninstall one of them, if so, that has been known to remove some shared date with disables plug-ins for other SF versions on some PCs. Therefore it is best not to uninstall older versions of SF when upgrading and they co-exist without issue

Bob-Nickerson wrote on 12/30/2020, 10:06 AM

I do not see a "reset" under the file menu in 10. I do not have 11 installed as it had the same issues so I didn't start using it. This is a years long problem that I have just learned to live with. Back when it first happened (Sony was still in charge) I followed several suggestions including re-install, and some kind of files they sent me (don't remember what) but nothing worked. By the way, this is the primary reason I have done no upgrades after 11. I used to upgrade all the time but because this issue was never resolved I stayed with 10. Any ideas about my iZotope elements (it opens but all presets are gone)? This issue appeared when I did the Widows 10 upgrade from 7.

Bob-Nickerson wrote on 12/30/2020, 10:30 AM

No luck. Just did a full uninstall/install with the suggestions you made about 3rd party and antivirus. Same old, same old. I would get the latest version if I was sure it would fix the issue.

rraud wrote on 12/30/2020, 4:40 PM

I do not know what the issues is with Pro 10 and 11, but it is not common at all. You can try the trail version of Pro14, but the iZ plugs can not be activated until after purchase.. Most of the other Sony plug-ins should work in trial version though..

The current versions of SF pro does not include IZ Nectar, but has Ozone Elements.

If you do purchase Pro 14, you have 14 days or so to get a refund if it does not work,and you get Magix on-line tech support as well. Then there is the SF 365 subscription version you could try for a month. I am not sure if the iZ plugs are included though, You can check.

Wolfgang-Oehry wrote on 5/21/2023, 6:59 PM

Do you have a reset in Files? I don't...