undo mixdowns and sound problems

stevojamie wrote on 10/16/2010, 4:01 PM

ok guys heres one.....i made a brill track using music maker hip hop 3. the arrangment was perfect then i did the mixdown which put all the arrangment pieces into one long bar. my computer crashed and i had to restore it...the orginal arrgment is nowhere to be found.  after the mixdown and remaster i realised i wasnt happy with the arrangment and made the tune from scratch again exactley how it was. and now it sound different like slower than the original or lower?? i dont know it just dont sound the same and yes the BPM are exactley the same. i didnt do any pitch tweaking when doing the original and im baffeled why it dont sound the same???

what i want to know is is there a way of completly un-doing a saved mixdown or completly resetting all the affects or re-mastering effects? is it because it was exported as an mp3 or wave it sounds different?


thanks guyys for reading this i dont know what to do :(


nihon94 wrote on 10/17/2010, 12:05 AM



I think it will be difficult for you to get answer to your question because not many people use music maker hip hop 3.


However I read your question and

1. You lost your saved work

2. You want undoing saved work, it is only possible when you are using your soft and did not turn off computer.


But incase of crash or computer problem, we Magix Music Maker user can find one BAK backup file where we save project. In your your case as you use music maker hip hop 3 I suggest please check your project folder may be you find some Backup file.

You can open it from your music maker hip hop 3 I guess as you load saved project but you might need to use all files files when you click Load(or open)


I will suggest you should also send email to Magix support, who knows you get answer from where?


Or, if you got music maker hip hop 3 installation DVD or backup cd why not re-install but before that delete all cookies, browser history.

Internet/Tools/Internet Options


Then un install music maker hip hop 3 and turn off computer. After few second turn on and install and I think you shold not face problem.


When you use music maker hip hop 3 do not run any other soft, email, messenger etc.


Thank you



stevojamie wrote on 10/17/2010, 5:14 AM

thanks nihon mayte your knowledge  has helped me a lot :) sorted the problem oh and whats the problem with hip hop 3? is it crap nihon? because i was thinking of upgrading to music maker premium but is it that much different to hip hop 3? more soundpools?  what do u think would be next progressive step in terms of software? i been using hp3 for a few weeks so know a lil bit about it by far no expert and one more thing when i go to export the song as wav file or mp3 sometimes the finished track has problems like say if i used 4 soundpools like bass,synth,fx,vocals for some reason somewhere along the track one of  the soundpools goes cracly and cutts out as the rest of the soung keeps playing???? WTF? its really annoying and it happens sometimes when im actually making the song.....all the mute buttons for each track are switched off with no sfx so it cant be that. do i have to make each track specific like one line for bass one line for  drums one line for vocals etc etc  or is it because my internet is open and anti virus or other apps running?

nihon94 wrote on 10/17/2010, 6:44 AM



You are welcome. About Hip hop 3, I did not use it I prefer Magix Music Maker 16 Premium. Therefore, I could not say Hip hop 3 is good or bad. What I meant was, here in Magix info I do not see many people use this software.

Basic system requirements

System requirements
For Microsoft Windows XP | Vista
Minimum configuration:
PC, 1 GHz and up
Min. 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
Free hard disk space: 2 GB
Graphics card with min 4 MB RAM, min. resolution 1024 x 768
16-bit sound card
DVD-ROM drive


Your Hip hop 3 is almost similar to Magix Music Maker 16 or 16 Premium. I had Magix Music Maker 16 then I upgraded to 16 Premium. You can see my tutorial of Magix Music Maker 16 Premium in Pdf and video. It will tell you what you can do with MMM 16 Premium.


Regarding you other technical problems when you export, reasons could be many. To me the best solution is to re-install software this is what I do. I can understand your frustration but we must move on right.


Feel free to ask if you got any question.


Thank you


CBY_TLSE wrote on 10/17/2010, 12:18 PM



Generaly Magix softwares made backup every "x" minutes, "x" is a parameter you can find in the program parameters.


By exemple, for MMM the name of the backup file is pppppBAKn.MM_ where ppppp is the name of your project, n is a sequence number and MM_ is the name of the extension.


Check in the directory where you store your project if you find these kind of files. You can load it in MMM and restore an intermediate version before scratch. Generaly in the file menu there is a command to load a backup.