Procyon wrote on 8/3/2009, 12:26 PM
If you are using a PC with Windows, do a search for *wav* files on the 'C:' drive in Wndows explorer.  If you've downloaded additional sound files in "ogg" format, be sure to run a separate search for those.

Be sure you will never have any use for them again before you delete.  Also, look at the file path to make sure the files are associated only with a Magix product.

I'd recommend burning them to a DVD or CD before you delete.  After paid for them, so why just throw them away?
Procyon wrote on 8/6/2009, 12:10 PM
I need to amend my response above.  As you note, uninstall does NOT completely remove ALL of the program files from your computer.

You need to search your entire hard drive for all file types using the search parameter *musicmaker*.  Delete all of these files/folders.

To completely purge ALL of the soundpool files you will have to do searches for all "wav", "ogg", and "tak" files.  Delete all of these that are clearly associated with "Music Maker" or "soundpool". Delete the entire folder that contains these files.