Unlocking / activating instruments

Roger-Bindl wrote on 10/23/2019, 4:09 PM

I just installed Music Maker but puzzled by the screens. Logic tells me I should be able to activate the locked instruments, but I that doesn't work. So, I'm wondering if I'm suppose to click purchase and that it automatically knows I own them, or am I using up the 6 instruments I have remaining in free to download.

Several instruments that are shown as locked, so it appears I own them. When I click the lock I get a screen that shows "Activate Edition" or "Purchase". If i click "Activate" I'm asked to enter serial number. If do that, I get a message that I already own all the content for this serial number. And that I can download this from the Store. If I click "Purchase" it shows a price of $29.99 with a coupon discount of $29.99.

Is the coupon the ones I own, or is that taking from the 6 ones I still have coming. Or is something not working. Seems like things could be clearer but I'm not sure it's actually working?


browj2 wrote on 10/24/2019, 12:14 AM


See this thread.

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Roger-Bindl wrote on 10/24/2019, 9:29 AM

I ended up guessing at the solution bit still found the process of installing instruments confusing. It could be much clearer. Music Maker Premium came with 6 instruments, but I thought some were installed other than the Default Piano. They weren't.

So, I logged into the store again, found instruments with the lock (versus $29.99) and purchased a few since the activation process would not work. I got purchase coupon credits so $0.00 dollars were due. Two installed - I mean purchased - and did not take away from my 6 credits, one instrument took one credit. I'm still not sure why because I had free version installed before but had never bought instruments.

It seems like I should have been able to just activate when given the option, but I've had to go through the process and steps from purchase, use credit, download, and then install on instruments - some purchases were part of the 6 free instruments, some ca,e with no credit reduction, but I don't know why.

In that process I thought the instruments would download and install when I purchased. That seemed logical to me. But I realized after buying that I had to download via the download tab, and then install. 3 steps, via 2 tabs... many more steps if you count the popup windows that are a part of the 3 steps.

shi-yashen wrote on 2/15/2020, 9:31 PM

I buy and upgrade the music maker2020, according to the program instructions to download the instrument, but some instruments show locked, when activated, when pressing the "Active" button, series number input box side turn red, and display a red "x" in it, and the corresponding instruments also has not been activated.