Update Issue

Chris-Pezzi wrote on 11/20/2020, 12:05 PM

Bought the Magix Music Maker 2019 premium edition through humble bumble a awhile back. saw an update for the program and did that. now i cant bring up my old projects or previous instruments I got with free vouchers, i went to Help>Activate Edition> enter in the serial number and click Activate and nothing happens. I'm using an HP Pavilion Laptop with Windows10 OS


browj2 wrote on 11/20/2020, 12:29 PM



After you activate using the old code, and connected, go to the Downloads button at the upper right of the Media Pool and download and activate everything. Then you'll have to Add Soundpools again because MMM2021 doesn't know where they are.

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Chris-Pezzi wrote on 11/20/2020, 12:50 PM

Hello John,

the program doesn't do anything when I click activate for the previous editions, no loading, just satys there with the activate button in grey and it says its the 2020 update, not 2021MMM ,plus am unable to make any purchases in the program as well.


emmrecs wrote on 11/20/2020, 2:54 PM


Is your firewall or antivirus blocking MM's attempt to connect to the Magix servers?


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Chris-Pezzi wrote on 11/20/2020, 5:53 PM

Hello Jeff,

I did not have this issue with my previous edition of MMM. I have double checked my firewall as well and it's not stopping that either. I don't want to have to get a different DAW but if there's no solution to this, just might have to.


Graham-Hawker wrote on 11/21/2020, 2:48 PM

You should be able to log into your Magix account and download the 2019 installation program so you can go back pre update.