Update leads to constant crashes

Leonidas-Mixon wrote on 5/30/2022, 5:16 PM

I used vegas and then Movie Studio 16 for light video projects, etc. Wanted to update, purchased 2022, and now I can't open anything in the program. It just crashes and restarts. The program opens, but attempting to open a video or previous project file leads to an instant crash. TIA for help.



CubeAce wrote on 5/30/2022, 7:39 PM


Hi Leo and welcome to the user to user forums.

AIA. (Apologies in advance)

For total backwards compatibility I'm afraid you have gone the wrong upgrade route.

Vegas stopped supporting Movie Studio with version 17. Currently the lowest cost program in their lineup is Vegas Pro Edit. Development of Vegas Movie Studio has completely stopped.

Magix, the parent company decided to step in an offer their similar purposed software 'Movie Edit Pro' as an alternative but rebranding the name to Magix Movie Studio. Their advertising blurb suggested that the program would be capable of opening older Vegas Movie Studio projects but so far they have only managed to be able to place the video clips used in the correct order into their editor. This is I think down to incompatible or missing plugins between the two programs.

That in itself is not that unusual but more drastic in this instance due to the differences in the base programs themselves.

It is unusual to be able to open an older project without some problems. Even within the same program, due to changes in the operating system and older software written for earlier components and Direct X requirements older effects often no longer work and are replaced with newer versions or dismissed altogether.

So even if you had bought the new version of Vegas Pro Edit, full backward compatibility to an old project is not guaranteed.

Then there is the computer specification to be considered. Newer program versions are always written to take advantage of the latest computer components as well as operating systems and may require a system much more powerful to cope with the demands of the newer software.

More than a few people have been caught out by this in the last couple of years since the changeover which was caused by the Vegas team but poorly remedied and implemented by the parent company who may have come up with a rather rushed plan to try to salvage the shortfall of a missing program.

There are quite large differences in both the power demands for the different software versions and also the workflow is unfamiliar and somewhat alien to those used to the Vegas version.

That is not to say that the program replacement is not a capable and stable platform from which to edit from. Indeed it is much more capable in most respects but the difference in workflow and lack of some features have left those used to the old program somewhat wanting. In a few instances completely unworkable.

I have both Vegas Movie Studio 16 and Magix Movie studio on my system and use both but I would not attempt to try to get an old Vegas project to open on the current software.

There was for a short time, an offer on the Magix site for a cheap upgrade to Vegas Pro Edit for those wanting to stay with a Vegas product and keep the compatibility of the two going, but I'm afraid that time has now past as both programs have now diverged more in the last two releases where a lot of the supported plugins have now changed as the older plugins have become incompatible with newer versions of windows ten and Windows eleven.

So, as a fellow user I can understand any possible shock or disappointment at finding the software is not working for you. All I can recommend is you stick to Vegas 16 for now and finish whatever projects need finishing and then decide which upgrade path, should you need it, to follow.

For all inquiries regarding that you would need from hereon I suggest contacting Magix themselves as this is purely a forum run by users for users and there is no interaction between Magix staff and us on this site.

For more detailed information about the program switchover and its associated problems you need to visit the Vegas forums at vegascreatives.net. There you will find many more probably disgruntled and disillusioned users.




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AAProds wrote on 5/30/2022, 8:19 PM


You're probably not going to have much luck sat opening old Vegas projects in Magix' version of Movie Studio, as it is a completely different program (you may get the basic edits but that's all), but you should be able to open video files in new a new project. We've had many people complain of crashing with the latest version and there are a couple of things you can try.

First, make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

If it's an NVidia card, go here (you want the "game-ready" drivers):


If it's an AMD card, go here:


Also make sure your motherboard drivers are up to date.

Second, experiment with these settings by trying CPU only, WARP only, graphics card only:



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ericlnz wrote on 5/30/2022, 11:56 PM

So even if you had bought the new version of Vegas Pro Edit, full backward compatibility to an old project is not guaranteed.

Shouldn't be a problem. VP19 should open any veg or vf files, old or new apart possibly for very old version files. The problem that arises is where TP plug-ins were used that aren't available to be used in VP19 because they are tied to the original software they were purchased with.

Anyway Magix offers 30 day trials of its products including the Vegas range so @Leonidas-Mixon could try VP19 for themselves to check that it opens old Vegas files.


Reyfox wrote on 5/31/2022, 12:35 PM

@Leonidas-Mixon can download a trial version of Vegas Pro 19 to see if it works well with opening Vegas Movie Studio files.