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me_again wrote on 2/13/2020, 1:53 AM


The latest patch for MEP was installed this morning and the program loaded without a problem. I'll have to wait for a date change change to see if this continues.

BUT Magix seem to have messed up loading (at least) NewBlue Video Essentials IV - well one of the effects anyway; Magnifying Glass. I've not tried others yet. The attached video shows the problem (the first photo I came to - not really that interesting)

Can anyone else recreate this bug please?

Also note in the video that when I exit the magnifuing glass window the effects windows has skipped to a random are away from the tab I used.



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emmrecs wrote on 2/13/2020, 4:30 AM


Since this is, essentially, a duplicate post, I will close it.

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