lt20018 wrote on 6/8/2019, 2:41 PM

@lt20018 how did AP9 work out for you? It looks like from another thread you were impressed - I'm hoping that was not sarcasm? :-)

LMAO! No sarcasm at all. i love it. Very Stable. No crashing. VST = Perfect, im finding old Sessions that work. I am grateful. I only want Magix to promise us faithful Acid users to keep it going. This DAW can compete with industry standard like it was poised to do in the past. @sheppo thank you sir!

obieephyhm wrote on 6/11/2019, 11:33 AM

For the FAQ - how to download the latest version of Acid Pro

  • Download the Acid Pro installer from the Magix.com my products page
  • Install the version of Acid Pro you wish to install - currently this will install build - the latest version
  • Once installed, run Acid Pro as administrator (right click the shortcut in the start menu, select Run as Administrator
  • Go to the Help Menu and click "Check for News"
  • This should present you with download links for the latest 32bit and 64bit version of Acid Pro if newer versions are available
  • Download and install the version you want

edit 07-June-2019: updated to reflect latest version available from the My Products page

Again, thank you for the effort but this does not work -- I installed (am about to try a re-install) but the 'check for news' appears to do nothing at all. I contacted support, so far, the only answers I've gotten from them amount to, 'huh, that's odd . . . it's supposed to get you to the latest patch . . .:". I'll go try a re-install to see if that fixes anything (I have my doubts).

While I'm here, though, anyone know why the AP9 icon disappeared after the last patch?