Gerry-Kaufhold wrote on 9/15/2020, 1:09 PM

Message posted to MAGIX Tech Support Tuesday September 14, 2020

I have registered the following MAGIX products.
SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14 Trial
Registration date:    09/10/2020

If you can send me a link to UPGRADE this Free Trial Version to
the fully paid up and registered permanent version I will
send Payment via PayPal directly

Thank you VERY much!

Best regards,
Gerry Kaufhold in Kearny, Arizona
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SP. wrote on 9/15/2020, 1:14 PM

You'll need to buy the full version from https://www.magix.com/us/music/sound-forge/sound-forge-pro/?_oB=sound-forge-pro You can pay with Paypal.

There is no upgrade from the free version.

Gerry-Kaufhold wrote on 9/15/2020, 1:27 PM

I believe I signed up for a COUPON to give me $15.00 off the purchase price. How do I REDEEM this DISCOUNT when Purchasing the upgrade?


SP. wrote on 9/15/2020, 1:31 PM

You have to put the pro version into your digital basket and when you go on to pay for your pro version you'll have separate field to enter your coupon code.

Poinzy wrote on 9/15/2020, 1:32 PM

You believe you signed up for a coupon? You don't know for certain?

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rraud wrote on 9/15/2020, 2:17 PM

This is the Magix Sound Forge users forum, for definitive answers about purchasing, serial numbers, activation issues and such, contact the Magix Customer Service Sales Team.

This is not tech support.

emmrecs wrote on 9/16/2020, 12:01 PM


First, please do not post confidential personal information, like your email address, to any public forum, like this one, unless you are prepared to be potentially deluged with Spam!

Second, you do not need any additional download to convert your Trial version to the full version. When you follow the advice offered by @SP. you will receive a serial/registration key which oyu can enter on the registration screen of the Trial version; this will convert your version to the full, paid for, version.

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