Uploading music to Youtube etc. non-profit based

youngvolki wrote on 11/1/2020, 1:16 PM

So I made a few beats with the Music Maker Jam a few years ago and still have a few of the songs on my old Android.

I was planning to upload them on my YouTube channel (completely non-profit based) and was wondering about copyright.

Especially since 2 of the songs I created have ad lips and vocals from one of the Mix Packs and since it's been a few years since I made the songs, I don't know for sure which Mix Packs ( if this is an issue). The other song is just a beat.

I've already read myself through a few threads in this forum and as it seems , there are issues with YouTube giving you copyright strikes even if you didn't do anything wrong . Does that still happen even if my channel is non-profit based ? And what to do if I get a strike claiming copyright for parts of the song?

I wanted to write something along the lines of : "I made this beat with the MAGIX Music Maker JAM app. The vocals/ad libs used in the song are not mine, but were implemented via MAGIX Music Maker Jam. This Video is for non-commerical use only . Copyright to the soundpools that were used to make this song belong to MAGIX. " .. to the video description.

Since it's allowed to share the music you created with the Magix App online, as long as there is no commersial use behind it, I should be fine right?


johnebaker wrote on 11/1/2020, 2:00 PM



The magazine article that gave the most information regarding non-Commercial and Commercial use of Soundpool loops appears to be no longer available, they were very out of date.

The only terms and conditions that are, as far as I can find, in force are these here on Producer Planet.

In a nutshell Youtube requires a Commercial licence - see the section - What’s the difference between “commercial” and “non-commercial” use? in the linked to page.

While you may not be making any money from the uploaded video YT are with adverts in your channel.

If you want further clarification there is a link in the above Terms and Conditions to contact Magix if you want to make further enquiries.


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SP. wrote on 11/1/2020, 4:54 PM

I'm pretty sure you'll never get any trouble with Magix.

The problem is, if some other uploader on YouTube used the same samples you used in your songs it's possible for this person to make a copyright claim against you. This would be fraudulent and you would dispute the claim by showing that you have the license to use the samples. But it looks like you have nothing to show to YouTube that it's a false claim. In the end this can put your channel in danger.

You can try it and see what happens. Maybe nothing will happen.

So the best way for you is to get the commercial license like @johnebaker already wrote. If you don't know what you need you could make a list of samples you used and ask the support at infoservice@magix.net to help you to find the Soundpools to get a commercial license.