USB 2861 driver

jamesmac wrote on 7/11/2011, 5:00 AM

I have been unable to use my Magix software because of a missing driver shown in Windows device manager with the yellow ? mark.

No matter how many times I see countless online Magix users frustrated with the same missing 2861 driver problem none have found the definitive answer to why this driver fails to load from the Magix software DVD.

You would think a sofware company like Magix would be well aware of how many of their customers are experiencing the same frustrating problem with the missing 2861 driver and supply easy accessible details about how to fix this annoying problem. If the problem is because of our computer's operating system then a clear understanding of which systems are incompatible with Magix software. , like Vista, Windows 7 or 32 bit or 64 bit.


john-auvil wrote on 7/11/2011, 11:08 AM

Magix doesn't make hardware, they only make software so they are not technically responsible for any issues with the hardware.

I have two versions of the Magix Rescue Your Videotapes. Both if these packages came with hardware.

The first USB, black with venting holes and a green LED light, is not compatible with 64 bit OS or Windows 7, the program it shipped with was the Movies on CD & DVD 7, which also I believe is not Windows 7 compatible but seems to run fine in my Vista 64 bit system.

The newer Rescue Your Videotapes came with a red/white hardware device that had a detachable cable system and came with a Video Easy program. This has worked well for me in the Windows 7 operating system, no driver was necessary to install.

You have the newest version, as I plugged in mine to see what came up, and here is what I received...

Now, all I did was plug it into a USB port, and Windows did the rest.


jamesmac wrote on 7/18/2011, 4:28 AM

Thank you john-auvil for your reply. Frustratingly and after following your instructions I still have the yellow ? mark in device manager whenever the USB hardware is plugged into a port on my computer.  I am not an expert computer user but have managed quite well without to many problems for 12 years and I had already used all the fixes that you kindly described in your reply.

No matter what combinations I use for searching for a USB 2861 driver from the CD or the Internet etc; and I find the Magix home website quite useless as it continually sends users to these same help pages. Nowhere is there any indication from Magix that drivers are available to be downloaded for their software. I have also found no mention of the problem driver by name USB - Videowandler 2 that your graphic nicely indicates as the missing driver.

I can only assume I have a problem with the red & white USB hardware device or the function of the USB black button. 


john-auvil wrote on 7/19/2011, 11:41 AM

I recommend contacting Magix. Maybe they can send you something. I recommend using the LiveChat service.

jamesmac wrote on 7/25/2011, 5:49 AM

Thank You

But I have given up trying to find a 64 bit driver to download from Magix software.

I solved my problem by purchasing a cheap Zennox equivalent and have now been able to copy my vhs tapes to my computer. As with the Magix software there was a missing 64.bit driver but Zennox made it simple for me to download the 64 bit driver to my computer.

Magix Recue your Video Tapes was a complete waste of my money as they have no customer or driver support that I could find anywhere on the web.