USB voice recording

Netved_muses wrote on 10/5/2010, 1:43 PM



Well, I have magix music maker 16 premium version. To record my voice, when I use the microphone connected to the sound card, I cannot get the sound quality that i am looking for, so I want to connect a USB microphone to my PC and I want to record its sound in magix. Can you plz help me on how can I use magix to record the sound of the USB mic into my arrangements?


If there is another way of getting quality sound without using a USB mic (i.e by using my actual soundcard), please let me know! My aim is to get a professional sound! Please help!




nihon94 wrote on 10/5/2010, 5:03 PM



Please follow the procedure.

Connect your usb mic with computer.


Look right below in computer, you will see your Speaker icon(for audio) double click it, and check the volume level, if sound is not mute, line in or mic is selected(it depends on your windows version)

Click on Control Panel of your computer click on Speaker Icon (sound) then click on Recording Tab and check if Mic or Line in is selected if not choose it.

Open your Magix Music Maker

click on computer keyboard "R" it will open Audio Recording windows look at No.3 Quality, under this put check mark on Playback while recording, you can choose other settings too if you like, also when you use mic you can monitor sound level where L and R are written, if you click on Volume mixer you will go back to the place SOUND you used from Control Panel, this is also short cut to access it. Click on it and see.

When done leave and again on computer keyboard click "P" key, it will open Program settings/Audio Midi device, look at left, you will have Driver option, it is better to choose ASIO driver for low latency. Otherwise choose according to your sound card. Click ok and leave.

Remember during recording very high volume is also not good therefore, please check the level in advance.

After making these adjustment you are ready to record.


These Pdf might help you if you needed.


How to connect Keyboard/Piano

How to solve latency problem


Got any further question send message.


Thank you


Netved_muses wrote on 10/7/2010, 3:35 AM



Thank you very much for your reply. I find it really very useful and thanks also for the information about how to connect a keyboard to the PC and for the latency problem. You really gave me all information that I would have asked you subsequently. Thanks a lot for that dude. Well yes, when doing these settings and installation, if I have other questions, I will definitely ask you.


Well, I am planning to buy a fast track usb audio interface from M-audio. Here's the link:


Can you please tell me if magix music maker is compatible with it?


nihon94 wrote on 10/7/2010, 4:33 AM



You are welcome.


About M-audio Interface or any other usb audio interface.

Before I answer plesae make a memo, why do you need audio interface?

write down details. Such as, for Mic recording, Live recording, Keyboard, Synthesizer,

How many chanels you need. Then go to the website of the maker such as M-audio and read product specificaion and other details. Compare with your need. OK?


If you got Windows 7 then you may face problem. Even with MMM 16 Premium.


M-audio has clearly given instructions on the website in case of Windows 7 what to do.

If you follow those instructions then good. Also check Fast Track system requirement and compare with your computer.


if you buy any other audio interface such as Tascam or Stienberg before you buy on their website or by email make it confirm if that audio interface will work on your computer or not. (Windows Xp, Vista or Windows 7)

Do not buy unless you know well, Your audio interface will also work as sound card.

If you use Mic then interface must have Phantom Power for MIC.


I think all audio interface will work with MMM 16 Premium.


Got question please send message.


PS. did not check spell if you find mistake sorry


Thank you





Netved_muses wrote on 10/8/2010, 1:34 AM



Thanks for your reply and great help. Yes, I want to buy the interface for mic recording and later I would like to connect an instrument through it. I have checked the details.


I've got windows XP service pack 2, and I hope there will be no problem with that. Yes, I will follow all the instructions that you gave and they are definitely of great help for me. 


If I have other questions, I will ask you!


PS: Don't worry there were no spelling mistakes in your message. :)



Netved_muses wrote on 10/8/2010, 5:20 AM

Hi again


Well, sorry for not asking this earlier. Since long, I wanted to have Indian sounds in my magix sound pools! Say, instruments like tabla, sitar, santoor, Indian flute (Bansuri) and others. Does magix has a content pack for all these instruments?


I would also like to make melodies with these indian sounds by having them in my midi instruments lists! Any possiblity for adding them there?


You know, I am learning indian classical music, and I would like to include these indian instruments in my compositions to do justice with the genre. I am also doing some compositions with a blend of western and indian instruments. So, for western sounds, I already have them in magix right now. But can you help me on where I can get the indian sounds?



nihon94 wrote on 10/8/2010, 11:33 AM



As far as my knowledge is concerned I did not find Indian instruments in Magix or in its Soundpool DVD though there are some tabla(I guess) but they were like normal drum.

Using Indian instruments in Midi could be done via VST plugin, the instruments should be in VST plugins then you can open in Midi Editor.


Instrument you need, Tabla, Sitar, Bansuri or Dholak, Dukki or Ghungroo etc are not included in Magix and from where you can get( Let me think)

in the meantime check my today's posting "Eastern Toxic" music


Thank you


Netved_muses wrote on 10/10/2010, 2:18 AM



Well well well. I listened to your creation and I really liked it. It was a fresh sound. I like multiple beats being played at the same time and you did a good job. The use of flute and vocals also were very well integrated into the arrangement. I think, this music can be used as a background score for a movie. Say, a chase sequence.! Very nice.


Well, I thank you very much for your help about thinking how I can get Indian sounds. I would really appreciate your suggestion.


I have another problem which I would like to share with you dude. You know last week, I almost completed my first arrangement for my project. I used almost all the 16 tracks filled with different instruments. Well, I used two types of drums in different tracks, one track for bass, one track for guitar, one for melodic strings, one for harmony strings, one for special sounds available there itself, two different tracks for vocals etc. Of course, all the tracks were not filled completely, sounds were there due to their requirement for the arrangement. The track for the harmony string included 7 notes being played at the same time and continuously till the end of the song. 


So, this was a bit the description of the arrangement. Now, when I was listening to the final result for mixing, suddenly, the program stops to function. So, nothing works. The red line which moves from left to right stops. In short, the program stops to respond. I close it and start it again. After some 3mins of playback or anything I do, say opening setting menus to check some settings, the program stops to respond. I close and start again, now I play a demo song, same thing happens. So, I was unable to use the program. I uninstalled the program and installed it again. Same thing. I then formated my computer, re-installed all the programs including magix and then the problem was gone. But still at times, it stops to respond when I try to use several keys in the sound pools quickly (this has happened before as well) Well, I have made the arrangement again, it is still not completed and the program is working fine till now. But now I have a fear, that when I am nearly completing the arrangement, if the same problem occurs again, and I fall into the same situation. Are you getting me dude?


I have this fear because I still don't know what caused the problem and I don't want this to happen again. I would like you to assess this situation and give me the solution! What do you think about all this?

nihon94 wrote on 10/10/2010, 3:20 AM



Thank you for listening music.

Regarding your problem all of sudden it stops, it is common I myself have faced it a lot. It is a kind of program Hang/Freezes etc.

There could be several reasons.

Your computer processor is weak

You are also running other programs such as email, messenger etc. Do not run other program please.

Hard Drive space is not enough

In the background some program run  when we start computer which we are not aware of, one of them creating problem.

There is a possibility in your case non of the above is true(may be) therefore, do not worry.


In past I had the same problem and I contacted Magix support they asked me to run SyscheckMagix system check utility) utility and after checking it was sent back to Magix support. After examining they told me which compute driver should be updated, which software is creating problem etc.

I did as I was told but some time it happen Magix Music Maker hang.

So what is the solution to save our work like you.

Mostly when there is an error.freeze/hang problem during using MMM 16 Premium it save the work automatically in the Project folder with the file extension BAK. We can retrieve our work by loading BAK file HOW?

File/Load/ a window will be opened look right below File name then Arrangements mmm change this to All files and locate BAK file you need. Always use save during work who knows what if some thing goes wrong.

I have uploaded a screen shot for reference


Thank you