MATT-GAVIN wrote on 1/19/2021, 7:20 PM

I use a Microsoft Windows 10 laptop.

I recently downloaded the “trial” version of Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17.

When I dropped a video clip (which has an audio track) into the timeline, only the video appears in the video track. No audio appears in the audio track and no audio is heard when the video clip is played. The mute and solo buttons don’t correct the issue.

I dropped a second video clip (with audio track) into the timeline and the same thing resulted.

I dropped a (stand-alone) audio clip into the audio track and the clip shows up there and plays from there.

Is there some switch that is off and preventing the audio track from revealing and playing the videos’ audio tracks? Or is there some other problem or solution?


ericlnz wrote on 1/20/2021, 1:50 AM

Vegas products have their own forum.

Please refer to the Important Posts at the top of this forum page for direction to the Vegas forum