Ver VST Scan Issues.

UM21 wrote on 5/26/2023, 6:41 PM

Alright, same error has arrived! I am familiar about this issue, and ultimately the solve for my problem was downloading earlier patch ( way down several patches ).

...So, after an patch update, no VST-plugins are found from scan. Where they are exactly? I did reset shop and all other plausible things which would cause it, but this time I am completely out of chances. Of course, I have to be aware that people might not remember at all, so I am willing to follow a step-by-step. But...

Possible to get an earlier patch, or do we this time have a proper answer? I even did place plugins on desktop and scanned there, still no visible to interact, downloaded or not.

EDIT: I just restart computer, if that helps.

EDIT:2 Restarting PC didn't help. I even did download them back, that didn't help. This time I am really out of options.

EDIT3: Back to step earlier version: All is fine!


SP. wrote on 5/26/2023, 8:00 PM

@UM21 Usually, if no VST are found I recommend to re-scan the VST paths.

UM21 wrote on 5/26/2023, 8:10 PM

Can't recall if I did that exactly as successfully, but surely I attempted various things. If this issue comes back once again, I will take full notes of what exactly I have done or tried to do.

I do not even know where those VST's went after re-downloading them, but on this 31.0.4. version, all are working perfectly fine.