Version 14 - Vocal Detection & Wave Coloring

David-Steele wrote on 3/17/2020, 11:16 PM

This new software platform has many bugs. Some of the more glaring ones are the crashes that occur when trying to use the afore mentioned features. It's not that I can get to it to use it, it is that the moment the button is pressed, the software crashes.

Further, the new version 14 really doesn't offer much more than previous versions.

Here are some suggestions from a pro-audio user who is in the studio every day grinding out projects and would love to see more functionality that works and is geared toward such work, rather than a pretty tutorial screen that links to items which crash the software.

If anyone at Magix truly want's some input on furthering the usability of the software, here is my list:

1. Record Window
  >>A: The ability to read copy (Narrate, voice over, imaging, etc) would be greatly enhanced with the ability to reduce the entire sound forge window into a small record module that is positional over other windows. The ability to start and stop recording without the need to tab to another screen or window would be very helpful. Quite frankly, this feature existed in one of the most user friendly versions, Sound Forge 10.

2. Plug In Chain Button
  >>A: Who in the world thought that a plug in chain, only accessible from the FX Favorites, apply plug in chain, choose chain, then ENTER was a stream lined efficient process? Really? The tools to process audio with VST and FX racks are only accessible to process a file after 4 steps? That is poorly thought out.
  >>B: Put the plug in chain in a location and available button or shortcut to make it usable. I run the same plug in chain on nearly all voice over vocal audio. But to get to it, I waste a ton of time on the menus. Just make a plug in chain box with a few selectable presets that will execute immediately.
  >>C: The continued placement to hide this functionality and tool only does a dis-service to the user. These days, it is a primary function. Very few people spend thousands of dollars on rack mounted processing, but they do drop cash on VST bundles. Make this function in Sound Forge more user friendly. Not an afterthought.

3. SAVE AS - File Options
  >>A: Pull a learning moment from the Vegas developers. Give us the option to choose default audio formats.
  >>B: Do I use a .dsf file every day? Hell no. .mxf, .dig? Nope. Why do I need to look at all of these formats I have ZERO use for from day to day?
  >>C: If I am spending $400 on software, at least give me the options to see what I want, and hide what I dont. I may use MP3 and WAV every day, AIFF on occasion.... Set up this Save As section like Vegas... Let me define my favorite formats for instant access and then dig for an obscure one if I need it.

It really feels like it's the same ol' Sound Forge with a different shade of paint on it.

I hope someone contacts my about feedback or actually TESTING some new features or functionality. It's one thing to develop software and have the coding done right, but it certainly is a different ball game if you can truly tackle the useability end for the every day real life user.

Thank you,




emmrecs wrote on 3/18/2020, 4:42 AM


Welcome to the Magix forums.

You may not be aware that these are user to user forums, not a contact for Magix staff or support. Although I don't personally use SF, it seems to me that your suggestions are certainly worthy of consideration but the only method of making them direct to Magix, I think, is to open a support ticket, via the Support link in the header of any forum page.

Unless anyone else knows differently?


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rraud wrote on 3/18/2020, 10:38 AM

Dave, no guarantees the developers will read your comment, and as Jeff stated, moderators are not employees of Magix either. However you can contact Magix Customer Service with your disappointments, they may even give you a refund if you find something better.

1. Record Window and 2. Plug In Chain" was changed in Pro 11 prior to Magix acquisition .FWIW, many of the beta testers, including myself, questioned these bone headed changes. SCS payed us no attention. Another negative factor is the FX automation does not function in the 'Apply plug-in chain' mode either,

I do not yet have Pro 14 , but previous versions of SF Pro 'remembers' the last 'Save as' parameters, which becomes the default (at least temporarily). A user set default would be nice. I have occasionally saved a file as an MP3 when I wanted a PCM.


David-Steele wrote on 3/18/2020, 6:22 PM

Thank you for letting me know. I will copy this to support.