Very Angry and feeling duped/conned by Magix products

JoeSchmoe wrote on 1/11/2021, 2:34 AM


I have spent more time troubleshooting problems in 2 of Magix's software programs than actually getting work done. I own several products in the Magix family and have spent a good amount of money over the years. What once was rock-solid video editing software has now become a buggy and un-usable experience of software that doesn't even do what it's reported to do. The stuff that sony worked on for years has just been destroyed by these goons - and I stupidly gave my money thinking it couldn't be all that bad. All I wanted to do was do some simple edits of video - do a screen grab or 2 - BOOM I can't do either of those. WTF?!?!?!? I didn't just get a sucker punch here - I got a donkey punch and I'm not happy about it.

Then I decide to move on to music. Music Maker now crashes and can't even load in a simple plug-in without an unexpected shutdown of the program. Can't use the program at all any more.

I have used a ton of programs over the years. NONE with the problems that Magix seems to provide instead of their working software.

I really wish I could get my money back. You can keep this shit software. Take it all back, my soundforge, acid, MM and Vegas.

</vent> (well partially ended rant for I will be telling everyone who'll listen that this company is a joke that makes some really ***** software and to stay FAR away)



emmrecs wrote on 1/11/2021, 3:46 AM


You seem to have four Magix products, Soundforge, Acid, Music Maker and Vegas. The latter software has its own dedicated forum, please read this pinned post, especially since this seems to be one of those 2 programs about which you are most unhappy.

As for the others, looking at your posting history I see you made one post, earlier today, asking about using a Steinberg Interface with MM. I assume the fact that you have not received any reply yet, a little more than 5 hours later as I write this, has led to your rant and use of unacceptable language in a public forum, which will be edited to remove at least some of it.

Although I don't own/use a Steinberg interface I will suggest an answer in that thread.

I see you have previously had problems with Acid Pro also, (you were concerned that instruments could not be shared between MM and Acid) and received a very detailed reply from a member of Magix staff, explaining exactly why this was occurring. And it seems the problem was eventually solved, with the help of other users.

You are more than welcome to post to the forums again, but not if you persist in using unacceptable language.

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