Clevo wrote on 10/7/2009, 5:10 PM
What sort of grabber is it?

To eleminate software issues try capturing using Windows Movie Maker...if it works we can deduce that it's possible that it's a MM problem...if it doesn;t we can start looking at your set-up
Man o' Lakes wrote on 10/14/2009, 4:30 AM
Hi belper,

as you seem to be using a Terratec grabster (grabby?) make sure that you have the latest driver for it from the terratec homepage. Get the update for your program as well.

If that still doesn't work, get the drivers updated for your graphic card, and send terratec a mail too.


M o' L
belper wrote on 10/14/2009, 2:49 PM

the driver and program are up to date. i just want to confirm that i do not require a video capture card? when i read the specs for the grabby there was no mention of a capture card being required.
terratec don't seem to have a support e mail address that i can contact.
i tried connecting my digital camera but it wasn't detected by magix?!

ralftaro wrote on 10/15/2009, 5:14 AM
You don't need an additional video capture card. The Terractec Grabby is your video capture hardware in this case!

You might want to have another look at all the FAQ stuff on the Terractec website, just to make sure that everything is connected and configured correctly. Maybe you can detail your whole setup here and we can check whether everything sounds OK.

Once you're positive the video recorder is connected properly to the system and everything is installed and configured correctly, you should also pay attention to whether the video recording process created an object in the timeline of Movies on DVD at all and whether you can see any images in that object in the timeline. Maybe it's just the display in the preview monitor that doesn't work out properly, e.g. due to the program not working well with your actual graphics driver. In this case, make sure that one is up-to-date as well and try switching to a different display mode in the Movies on DVD program settings (press "P" button, switch to "Display" tab and try the different options from the video mode drop-down lists).

Good luck!

belper wrote on 11/9/2009, 6:14 AM
ok, so far i have uninstalled/reinstalled the software and downloaded widows 7 driver from the terratec website but still getting the same issue. i have the grabby connected to my vhs video recorder via a scart connection. when i try recording i only see a flickering green band along the bottom of the display window.
i tried various settings within the display tab (press p as per ralftaro suggestion) but no luck.
trying to play the vide file back in windows live movie maker produces the same result i.e. flickering green bar along bottom of the screen.
i played the vhs tape back through my TV to confirm that the tape was viewable and it was ok.
When i go to the edit tab i can see the images that were recorded but there is no video on them other that the green bar.

can't think what else to try. i have e mailed terratec support and waiting for a response.
i'll let you know the outcome. if you can think of anything else meantime i will give it a go.
tnanks again all.