Video Easy 4HD -Scrolling text and changing background colour of title

action2 wrote on 2/7/2013, 2:32 AM

Hi, purchased video easy 4hd today. Have spent 5 hours learning and using this software - it is great and very easy to use BUT i still haven't worked out..... 

a) how to change the black background colour for the text I insert as a "title" (New Title) and also be able to use this function elsewhere in a video where I want to drop in some more text/information. 


b) how to use lots of text scrolling up or down over a video playing for as long as I need to do this. Currently I need text to scroll over 4 minutes across three imported videos used to make a video. 


These functions are part of most, if not all, other video editing/making software like Windows Movie Maker which is free. I use Windows 7 & 8. 





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